Dirt Rider 300cc Off-Road Two-Stroke Shootout Video: Husaberg

Dirt Rider's 2013 300cc Off-Road Shootout was a close one, but the Husaberg TE 300 grabbed a well-deserved second place. Nearly identical to the KTM, this blue steed impressed us in several areas, but weeks of testing over a variety of terrain revealed that it just didn't have as well-rounded of a package as its orange cousin. In this video, Editor Chris Denison, Senior Editor Adam Booth and Associate Editor Kris Keefer take you deeper into the Husaberg's performance and provide additional opinions on this machine. If you missed the full shootout, look back at the August 2013 issue of Dirt Rider (available in tablet form at http://www.dirtrider.com/apps/, and remember to click on to www.dirtrider.com for video tests of the other four machines: The Gas Gas XC 300, the Christini AWD 300, the Beta 300 RR and the KTM 300 XC-W. Enjoy!