Christini AWD Bike Build Teaser Video

Video by Scott Smith

Christini's new All Wheel Drive 300 may not be available in every dealership in the United States (yet), but that doesn't make the bike any less trick or fun to look at. The Dirt Rider crew recently took possession of a fresh Christini 300 AWD that was used for some initial testing and as a race bike for Christini's EnduroCross madman Wally Palmer, and we decided we'd have a little bit of fun with the build. Instead of just slapping the bike together in the depths of the Dirt Rider shop, we set out a few GoPro cameras and decided to condense the entire build into a single minute of mechanical work.

While we're still working on the full first test of the Christini AWD 300, we can tell you that the All Wheel Drive bike is a good combination of snappy two-stroke delivery and rock-eating Christini pulling power. The front wheel drive makes the 300 feel as though someone is pulling the bike from the front, resulting in handling that makes rough sections much more manageable with improved traction and hill-climbing prowess. So far, we have tested the AWD Christini in sand, woods, single track, desert and even on a motocross track, and each time we ride the bike we learn something new.

Keep your eyes open for more on the new Christini AWD, and check out the teaser below to see how Adam Booth, Chris Green and Chris Denison can uncrate a bike in a flash!