Bell Moto-9 Carbon Flex Press Launch

To unveil last week's Product Of The Week, the Moto-9 Carbon Flex Helmet, Bell invited the moto media out to the exclusive Castillo Ranch track to get our hands on the new lids, watch some pros ride, and let us lay down some laps on the natural-terrain track. Here is a quick photomontage from the day.

Here is the Bell Moto-9 Carbon Flex in the Tagger Rekluse colorway.
These are the three different foam liners inside the Flex that makes it so unique. Again, the gray liner is for high-energy impacts, the red is for low-energy impacts and the black is for medium-energy impacts.
Castillo Ranch in Los Alamos California. In a small town of mostly vineyards, this fun, flowing track, in our opinion, is a much better use of the land.
KTM/FMF rider Cody Webb took a break from the boulders and logs of Endurocross to get in some moto training.
Newly appointed Brand Ambassador for Kawasaki, Jeremy McGrath, the “King,” was on hand to rip some laps in the loamy dirt.
Here is a closer look at McGrath’s KX450F and his custom-painted Flex. I’d say that the King is pleased.
No battery-operated drones here! This gas powered chopper was the size of a CRF50 and sounded like a full-sized heli.
Cody Webb’s race machine, a KTM 300 XC, is a thing of beauty.
There is something natural about that number two on a big green bike...
Without a doubt, McGrath was the fasted dude on the track. That kind of speed doesn’t fade quickly.
The 2014 EnduroCross champion looked right at home in the flowing terrain.
It is apparent that Webb cross-trains on a moto track, he was rippin’!
Even though the day was hot and dry, Castillo Ranch’s sprinkler system kept the dirt rich and chocolaty.
Dirt Rider’s Chris Seibenhaar shows off his skills and the Matte Blocked Black colorway.
A crucial part of Webb’s program is front-wheel-traction testing.
And the day isn’t complete without a little turndown 180 just for fun.