New 2015 Yamaha WR250F and YZ250FX Revealed!

Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you, the 2015 Yamaha WR250F is a 50-state off-road compliant version of the YZ250F!

After months of rumors, Yamaha has shown that it is serious about making a run at KTM in the performance off-road motorcycle category by releasing two all-new off-road machines, both of which are based on the 2015 YZ250F, a bike that won Dirt Rider's Bike Of The Year award in 2014.

Yamaha was able to install electric start without modifying the cases of the YZ250F engine. The side case now has a sight glass for oil level.

First off, the 2015 Yamaha WR250F: This off-road machine is based off the 2015 YZ250F motocross bike but features a six-speed transmission, 18-inch rear wheel, headlight, tail light, skid plate, quiet muffler, enduro computer, and electric start. It now has fuel injection just like the YZ250F motocrosser (mapped differently to comply with green sticker regulations) and also shares the same styling. The 2015 WR250F uses the same KYB suspension as the motocross version but with different spring rates and modified valving to suit off-road riding. This is a very exciting addition to the off-road world and a welcome revamp of the older, carbureted WR250F. This is a true off-road version of the YZ250F.

This is the YZ250F motocross bike with electric start, an 18-inch rear wheel, a kickstand, and a six-speed transmission. Think of this as more of a cross-country race bike that is still capable on the MX track.

Next, and all new to the Yamaha lineup, is the 2015 YZ250FX, which very closely resembles the motocross version of the 2015 YZ250F. It differs from the YZ-F by way of electric start, and 18-inch rear wheel, a six-speed transmission, a kickstand, and frame mounts ready for a skid plate. This is a closed course off-road race bike (think GNCC racing) geared for the guy who would love an electric start 2015 YZ250F with an 18” inch rear wheel. Retail pricing on the WR250F and YZ250FX has not been announced at this time.

An electric cooling fan keeps the WR250F from overheating in nasty terrain.

When we first rode the new YZ250F, we pegged the bike as being a serious off-road competitor with a few smart modifications. On the surface, it appears that Yamaha has provided exactly what we—and thousands of hardcore off-road enthusiasts—have been asking for.

We'll be testing both of these bikes shortly; Yamaha states that they'll be in dealerships by December. Word is that the 2015 WR250F will retail for $7,990, and the 2015 YZ250FX will retail for $7,890. Stay tuned to for more info and first tests as soon as they become available!