2015 Sherco Enduro Models Teaser Video

The New Year brings new excitement to the off-road world. European bike manufacturers are all pushing incredibly hard in the opportunity-filled market, and the quest to make quality machines is driving the Sherco brand forward. Manufacturing five enduro models for 2015, the French brand is now adding a 450cc model to the family. The look of the bikes stays sharp and clean for '15 and the simplicity of the styling is pleasing to the eye. Sherco offers two versions of each bike; stock and racing. Dirt Rider recently tested all of the racing models, which come with WP suspension rather than Sachs, and also include skid plates. You can read the full first impression of these machines in the November 2015 issue of Dirt Rider, which is on newsstands now.

If you've read the first test and are hungry for more info, feast your eyes on this cool video of two of the 2015 Enduro models in action. Of course, Shercos are not widely available here in the United States at the moment, but the brand is definitely working to become a larger part of the North American bike market. We hope that this becomes a reality sooner rather than later, because these machines are awesome!