2015 Dirt Rider 450F Motocross Dyno Runs

Here are the 2015 450 motocross machines on the Dirt Rider dyno. A very important reminder when looking at dyno numbers is that every dyno will provide a different number, so it is used as a tool to compare machines against each other on the same dyno.

The Yamaha is clearly the horsepower king of the 450 class and on top of that, it keeps delivering that power after all the other bikes have signed off. The Honda makes the most power and torque up to 7000 rpm and then quickly falls off when compared to the rest of the bikes. Suzuki is only slightly better than the Honda when it comes to top end power and overrev. Kawasaki has the smoothest overall curve, delivering strong and consistent power, placing it higher than the Honda and Suzuki in the max horsepower category. The KTM and the Husqvarna are clones on the dyno with the Husky only down a fraction on the KTM all the way through the rpms.