2013 Indy Show Video And Photos: Day 1

Photos by Adam Booth

Each February, the Indianapolis Dealer Expo is the place to be to check out all of the latest and greatest aftermarket goodies from the top companies in the motorcycle industry. Everything from gear, hard parts, tires, tools, safety equipment and liquid products are on display, with a healthy dash of knock-off Chinese junk thrown in for good humor. Despite the bitterly cold weather and a Supercross on the same weekend, attendance at the 2013 Dealer Expo was decent and the industry folks on hand were more than happy to show off their new products.

In the first day of making the rounds around the Indianapolis Convention Center, the Dirt Rider staff caught a glimpse of several new, relevant or otherwise radical goods. Click on the video and check out the photos below to see some of the action, and stay tuned for more updates from the show.

Having been in the United States for over two years, LS2 helmets is making a major push toward the off-road market. You may have seen this lid on the head of Cyril Despres, who recently dominated the 2013 Dakar Rally.
Christini has been producing All-Wheel-Drive bikes for the military for several years now, but this new on-board luggage is an all-new product. Look for these to be available soon as a Christini-branded hard part.
Most people know UFO as a plastics company, but these footpegs prove that the boys from outer space can handle metallurgy as well.
How cool is the new JT Dalmatian gear? The brand had several new colorways on display, all of which are clean and eye-catching.
Looking for more mileage? Acerbis has a handlebar mount gas tank that can increase range with minimal installation.
Technical Touch makes new a fork cap so that you may check the pressure in your air fork easier. Even running a 1-1/8 bar, you can still check the pressure without having to move your handlebar mounts.
This clutch actuator arm removed the 90º angle in the stock clutch cable routing, which provides smoother action and keeps it away from the head pipe.
Dirt Rider Publisher Damian Ercole and Editor Chris Denison line up to bang bars on the new Strider push bikes, which are now offered in a Ducati replica version, as well as full aluminum!
New to the electric motorcycle scene is Kuberg, which has combined proprietary electric technology with a full-sized trials-based platform, as well as several kid-sized versions.