15th Annual A Day In The Dirt

Photos by Nic Cade

The 15th annual A Day in the Dirt went down at Glen Helen Raceway. Over 1,500 participants joined in this dirt roosting event that has quickly become a tradition over Thanksgiving weekend for many families. The event drew out the likes of Jeremy McGrath, Shaun Palmer and the famous Troy Lee. Off-road racers Ivan Ramirez, Kendall Norman, Timmy Weigand, mechanic to Chad Reed—Lars Lindstrom and even up and coming motocrossers Justin Hoeft, Blake Savage, Jake Lyon and Sean Collier also joined the fun.

Start of the vintage race.

What is so unique about this event is that it brings the film industry and Motocross industry together to enjoy the sport we all love so much? It's a unique laid back vibe that brings out rare vintage motorcycles and lots of crazy riding costumes. Racing varies from minis to vintage and even big pro events. The last race of the weekend is the Coupe de Grace where the riders race for an uncertain amount of time (this year was 1.5 hours) and have to make at least one pit stop. A unique aspect of the race is it starts differently every year and this year the event began when a man asked a woman to marry him. When she said "yes" the riders had to run to their bikes and pin it. It's fun times like this that separates A Day In The Dirt from most other events during the year. Dirt Rider enjoys the family atmosphere that comes along with the race.

Vintage guys rule.
Justin Hoeft ripping some vintage iron.
Jeremy McGrath won the Vet Pro race.
Associate Editor Kris Keefer had a great race with MC in the Vet Pro race where he finished second behind the King.
Sean Collier won Sunday’s Pro/Int race on a ‘97 KX 500.
DR Test Rider Ricky Yorks raced a couple races on his YZ250 two-stroke, and most importantly, had a blast!
The Coup de Grace began when a woman said, “YES” to the big question. Only a few people knew that was the green light to the Le Mans style start.
The Glen Helen course was well received from the riders but it had lots of bumps.
Old school guys even have style too.
Keefer and Yorks with a fourth place in the Stunt Team race.