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Actor who has starred in all three High School Musical films, appeared in Mystery Men, Galaxy Quest and episodes of "Hannah Montana," and stars in and helped produce the upcoming motocross movie Free Style, in theatres this spring. 20 years oldI actually started riding because of the film Free Style. I went out to Piru (a local SoCal MX track) with my manager, who rides, and some of his friends and they showed me everything and I immediately fell in love with it.I had a really bad crash on my first day. I have two scars on my elbow from it. Those are my only wounds so far, thank God. I pretty much didn't know what I was doing. I was going back and I pulled on the throttle and ended up shooting into the air, came crashing down, skidded. My dad looks down at his camera and goes, "I missed it!" That was his main concern. (laughs)The most challenging part of learning how to ride was building up the stamina along with learning how to use every part of my body, from elbows to squeezing with my knees, every little aspect. It's not just "Go!"I've boxed before. I've gotten into basketball, baseball, double dutch, and I weight train. But I think the most difficult thing about riding, similar to boxing, is you're working every muscle in your body, constantly. But even more so, because you're not only working yourself, you're also working the bike.It's a wonderful sport to be around just because it's so family-oriented and it's so supportive. The entertainment industry can be cutthroat sometimes. In motocross, even though when you're on the track you're competitive and you race to win, when you go off the track everybody's supportive of each other and it's just a really, really great environment to be around.Every time I ride I get more air. Today was the first time I actually got all the way up in the air and completely over a tabletop and onto the other side, which for me is huge. (laughs) Hopefully someday I'll be able to get some nice big air. That'd be cool.