Sneak Peak: Inside the Red Bull Training Compound - Dirt Rider Magazine

Though few people even know it exists, hidden deep in the mountains north of Los Angeles is quite possibly the most impressive motorsports training center on earth: The Red Bull Compound. Built and maintained by the energy drink powerhouse, this wonderland features all of the tools needed by Red Bull's elite athletes to do what they do best: shred. From Supercross tracks to freestyle parks to foam pits and Outdoor courses, this place has it all. Dirt Rider was recently invited out on a secret mission to the Red Bull compound, where we were able to capture some of the location's magnificence, as well as a private test session with the Honda Red Bull Racing Factory team. Check out the following images for a sneak peak of this crazy spot!

Honda/ Red Bull Factory rider Ivan Tedesco may be a racer at heart, but he absolutely has the skills on a ramp to be a pro freestyler. Whip it good!
One of the advantages of the Red Bull Compound is that teams can test, tune and practice in perfect privacy whenever they want to. A typical day on the SX track brings out not only the racers but also scores of mechanics, technicians, trainers and team managers.
Davi Millsaps takes his racing seriously, but that doesn't stop him from throwing a little style on the test track every now and then.
With the 2009 CRF450R being a whole new animal, the Honda Factory crew uses every opportunity they get to dial in the new bikes. Here, Millsaps takes advantage of Red Bull's private SX track.
Andrew Short is a quiet, humble rider who seems to consistently put himself in the right place at the right time. He looked blazing fast at the Red Bull Compound, but it's his consistency that will undoubtedly put him in the top of the results at the end of the season.
The vast Red Bull Training Compound is truly a sight to behold. Several Supercross tracks, an Outdoor course, miles of trails, a full blown freestyle park, several foam pits and two quarter-pipes make the place a two-wheeled playground. We're betting that if Dirt Rider readers could build their dream backyard, it would look something like this...
One of the advantages to being a Pro Red Bull rider is access to the private Supercross replica tracks that are constantly being built on the premises. Here, the crew is at work on the Anaheim III track. That's right, Anaheim THREE!
Red Bull's dominant freestyle riders have risen to the top of the sport because of their work ethic, determination and talent, but having access to the Compound's massive foam pit doesn't hurt, either!
Jordan Miller wears a wide variety of hats at Red Bull, and he does his multi-faceted job quite well. From wrangling rambunctious journalists to pounding in tent stakes to helping orchestrate some of the company's biggest endeavors, this man does it all. If you ever want to visit the Red Bull Compound, make sure you have this guy in your corner first!
Is this the world's biggest foam pit? You bet your back tire it is!