The (Bike) Love Of My Life - Dirt Rider Magazine

From The Editor
There are two questions I get asked a lot, both the same question asked by totally different groups of people."What kind of bike do you ride?" comes from someone who may've just found out I ride motorcycles.You want to know what the problem is with this question? I can't answer it. Think about it, I currently own 30 motorcycles. Everything from a TT-R50 and an XR50 to a KTM 950 and a BMW 1200GSA and 26 bikes in between. I ride most of these bikes (some more than others) at various times and for different reasons. So I guess I should answer with, "Dirt bikes." Then if the questions go any further, I find myself engaged in a conversation that can become really strange. It takes one of two turns, usually with my new friend telling me about how they once rode a dirt bike as a kid and crashed it into the side of their friend's mom's car. Funny thing is that I did that, too, but I just kept riding those "dangerous" dirt bikes and now make a living riding motorcycles. Or then they'll ask if my dirt bike is a "Harley" because the guy down the street has one and he rides it at all hours of the night and it rattles the windows. Regardless of how I answer any of these questions, I'm still crazy and they won't get it. And don't tell me this doesn't happen to you when you end up being out of your comfort zone with new "friends" at some party or event your wife or girlfriend requested your presence at. I find it safer to wear surf shirts and deny everything.Then it's you, my dirt bike riding friend, who will ask me, "What's your favorite bike?" I can't answer that. Truthfully at least, or in a way that will satisfy you. My favorite bike is the one I'm riding right now. And if I'm not riding right now, then it depends on where, when and how I'm going to be riding next. If I had a favorite motorcycle, I'd own it and I likely wouldn't be working here soul-searching for my next favorite bike to come down the pike. The 2009 KTM 250 XC just showed up this morning, it's my favorite right now.I have a severe motorcycle habit, but it isn't a problem. A recurring compulsion by an individual to engage in some specific activity, despite harmful consequences to the individual's health, mental state or social life is an addiction, so that I'm not. I can argue it. Look, it's my job to ride all these bikes. Sure I own too many, I have a hard time putting enough seat time on all the test bikes that roll through here, but wouldn't you be so bummed to have this difficult problem? I try convincing myself that I like this off-road bike more than that motorcross bike sometimes, but I can't figure out where the best place to go riding truthfully is. I can drive myself crazy trying to choose a favorite bike. And no, it isn't the Honda XR400. I hate it for at least the first 10 minutes I ride one. It all depends on the weather and the season, or where in the world I can get my butt to for some dirt bike riding.For the rest of the year I have big plans with motorcycle-related trips to Mexico, Tunisia, Hawaii and hopefully some great riding right here in good ole California. So what am I going to ride? My favorite bike, of course. It will be the one I can get my hands on.
Jimmy Lewis