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A Good Woman
I just got married to a man who lives and breathes motorcycles. He is a mechanic, racer, rider, and enthusiast. I have been told many times that when men get married they are ripped of their motorcycle excursions. I don't know how many women there are out there that actually enjoy going to the races and hanging out with the guys all day listening to their far fetched stories of that impossible triple-triple, but I am one of them! I am to my wits end on being the reason my man doesn't ride as much as he did in the past. I am all for going to the races, hanging out at the track, and sitting in a garage and drinking Busch Light beer as the guys wrench on their bikes all night. I love it. I wish that the wives out there would understand that their man is the happiest after riding with the guys. Let him be! You knew what you were getting into when you married him. Maybe you should give it a chance. You might actually enjoy yourself with the other wives at the track. Like I always say, there is no better family that the motocross family. So, please stop giving us women who do enjoy motorcycles and all that goes along with them a bad rap.
Laura Fritz
Francesville, INWould you like to go to counseling with my wife Heather because there is something strange with the both of you? In fact, since she rides with the guys, most of her friends think I actually torture her so I sort of know how you feel from the other side of the equation. In reality girls like you are a minority and very special to the lucky guys who have found you. Most of my married friends have proven that to me. My wife knew what she was getting into when we started dating since our first date was riding dirt bikes (I think, I know our first kiss was on one!) I have to say she makes me happy, yet for some reason she won't drink my PBR.
Jimmy Lewis