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At Least the Bike's Okay
I've recently been blessed with several broken ribs due to a ridiculous endo. This has given me lots of extra time to rethink my gearbag. I tried a chest protector once but never wore it because it fit too loose. Maybe I should have kept it. Anyway the question is, do any of the chest protectors actually give any crash protection or just roost protection? The bike landed on my back, saving it from doing much damage to the bike. I can't help but wonder if I had a chest protector on if it would have done more good than bad or vice versa. Surely it might have saved a rib or two or seven. Has this been covered in any recent issues that I might have missed? Any thoughts will be appreciated!
Daniel Nack
Stillwater, OKLike the disclaimer says, no chest protector can protect you from everything and in fact they sell them as roost deflectors for that reason. But in my experience they spread out the impact and do a pretty good job of stopping me from getting cut up or punctured. I just look at all the scratches on mine and I'm glad I wear one most of the time. There are a lot of different designs, some even filled with air now, so go to a shop and give them a test ride. You'll find something that fits well. I don't know if one would have prevented your injury, but I haven't heard too many stories of chest protectors hurting anybody either.
Jimmy Lewis