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There are people in this industry that despise Spy Guy. I know, I don't get it either. All a Spy Guy wants is to get his spy on once in a while. You know; drop some scoops, pick up the up-high and leave the down-low on the q-tip. Is that too much to ask?Apparently it is.After a hiatus, the Spizzy Gizzy finally cornered a rather weak-willed representative from the Tucker-Rocky family of brands this week. The TR stooge was ready to squawk after only minor annoyance. I grabbed my instamatic and, as my freestyle rapping persona 'Spy-G' likes to say, "I shot what he got."Pro Taper PegsThis is the biggest scoop in the pits since the Dirt Diggers first dug dirt. Pro Taper is currently developing an aftermarket adjustable-height foot peg that is totally unique in design and functionality. How? It goes up and down. Adjustability is built in thanks to the unique bolt-in foot pads that are to be offered in stock, -5mm and +5mm heights. This is a dream come true for dudes like Kyle Lewis that have shorter legs on one side and have consistently ran a custom peg.Custom sizing your seat-to-foot peg distance now has a new variable with Pro Taper's Radical-Amazing-Thing-You-Stand-On. (Actual name not available). Price? Oh, how about a cool 170-180 buckaroos? That's the rumor. I also know for a fact that it will not be gold in color, but more black-like.Answer '09 gear.
This gear is actually from the future. And Ryan Dungey is so fast he's wearing it during the Outdoor Nationals right now. In fact, he wore it in the past (Glen Helen, Hangtown and Freestone).Let's recap: This is Answer gear from the future that Dungey has worn in the past, is wearing presently and will wear in the future (where this gear belongs). You can get it sometime in the future, too. But you can't get all the coolness that goes along with the Makita Rockstar Suzuki team's iron-on badges of honor. Or, for that matter, the coolness that comes with being Ryan Dungey. Sorry.MSR '09 gear
Here we witness some sassy gear from the MSR camp. It's their Renegade series, mid-level stuff, but has a cool new print-look to it that should make you feel like you're top-notch. It's white, which is perfect for a guy like your humble Spyness. I don't ever get dirty and when I do it's on purpose and I prefer it to be on something completely white. Why? Because I'm a bad-dude, that's why. Recognize.Honestly, some of the mortals in the DR offices like the mid-level gear from these guys almost as much as the top-end NXT stuff. Especially when MSR makes them feel special by putting their name on it like their some big deal or something. Editors are so egotistical.Ok, that's all I could do this week. I'll try to find more stuff this weekend. Where? Ha! Not telling. Nice try.Week-ah-week-ah (hip hop record scratching sound)Peace!Spy-Guy

Pro Taper's radical new foot peg. You can actually see through it to 2009.
Put your foot on this!
It gets bigger, almost magic like. All you have to do is unbolt and re-bolt. Easy.
Has anyone ever even asked the question? I mean, what is this actually the Answer too?
Dungey's going to be angry when he doesn't have anything to wear at High Point this weekend. Sorry! It's on the way, we swear.
I've tried to replicate this look with Crayons, it doesn't work. I suggest you just get a factory ride and have someone put these cool decals on your jersey for you.
MSR's 09 Renegade gear ultra close-up!
See, it's Renegade, I told you so.
Printed pants? Cool.