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Hey guys I just recently sold my 2003 YZ 125, and was hoping to by aHonda or Yamaha 250F. But more I think about it I wanna go back to theTwo-Stroke. I'm not sure what you do and around where I live there are somepeople who are annoyed by the bikes so I also wanna keep the noise down.It would be appreciated that you guys would give me some advice for mypredicament. Thanx.
Ryan Murphy,
Middleboro, MANo matter the bike you can keep it quiet with the right muffler. TheFour-stroke sound is deeper and does carry farther but if you have aresponsible muffler on even a four-stroke the noise does not carry toofar. Look at cars and trucks where tire noise is usually louder thanengines, when was the last time you saw a two-stroke car? - Jimmy Lewis