It's A New Year - Jimmy-Rigged - Dirt Rider Magazine

With this being the January issue, that means it's a new year. At least in magazine issue time. Which is different than real time, bike model year time or race series time. For instance, in the summer of 2007 we were riding 2008 machines working on spring issues of the magazine which you'll be reading in the winter of 2007 and making decisions about your 2008 ride. But what better time to make a few new year's resolutions, if not a little early (even if you're reading this January issue in November or December, which is another way that magazines tend to warp time. Or you just picked this up in June when cleaning out the bathroom reading bin, reversing time). Here are a few of the things I'm going to be working on which you can use as a guideline to help make 2008 a great year.First, I want to stop getting hurt in any way, shape or form. I'm pretty sick of falling off my bike, crashing it, getting twisted, tweaked or otherwise bent (even without crashing) in ways that my body isn't supposed to be bent or folded. I'm sick of getting roosted on, punched by pongee sticks or clocked by low-hanging branches. No more overjumping or coming up short and flexing ankles or compressing my back with excessive gravitational force. I'm over toe-grabbing rocks or stumps. I could also do without hitting camouflaged rocks in the dust. And I don't even ride in the dust that much! I've had it with knuckles split on sprocket teeth and wayward Husaberg kickstands to the shin.Next, I want to see some good racing. On television, and not just supercross and motocross, give me EnduroCross, too. Oh, I'll go see some of it in person, because there's nothing better than seeing it live to get a real appreciation for the speed and the power front row or trailside at an off-road event. Bring some friends or the family and have a great time. We really couldn't have much tighter racing in a lot of the series than we had last year, but I'm always hoping.Of course, I'm always pushing for our right to ride and we still need a little help here. From all of you. If you're a good guy and have all your stuff in order, then get your buddies to do the same. But for all the other dimwits out there running loud pipes anywhere, tearing up the trails, not going to meetings and pushing to keep riding areas open and not supporting the organizations and companies that are working to preserve riding and riding areas, then I hope you get all the stuff I swore off in my first resolution. And I hope your bike breaks, too. Make a positive change and I'll take that back! Most of all, we all need to ride more. With life getting more hectic all the time, it's important to remember why you have this magazine in your hands in the first place. It isn't because you like reading. Nor is it because of this photo of me in my underwear and "sexy shirt." (Ladies, no hate mail please, and yes, I'm taken.)You hold this magazine because you like riding and crave everything that is dirt bikes. Who cares if you have the latest 2008 machinery or your gear has all the newest styles and the freshest colors? If you do, then more power to you. I'll often put a new tire on my old bike and just pretend. It's amazing how a fresh sneaker makes a bike feel better. Make some plans and get out there. Hit the track or get out in the hills. Go to a new track, take a road trip or go visit another state and take in some new riding spots. And that last bit of advice is worth every penny you spent on this magazine or your subscription for the year. So from me to you, look at the rest of the year as a gift from us at Dirt Rider. And have a great year!