Letter Rip! Letter of the Week - Tom Dappert - Dirt Rider Magazine

I always enjoy my montly fix of Dirt Rider Magazine, especially your tech articles. Then it happened. It was in your guest editorial by Cliff Koontz (Jan 08 issue). The two words I thought I'd never see in my favorite MX magazine. "Global Warming". You've got to be kidding me?! My CRF450R destroying the earth? It can't be. Tell me it ain't so Cliff!I'm all for not trashing the enviroment and for riding responsibly, ( I don't load up 40 pallets to burn at my favorite spot in the desert and leave the nails behind for others to find with their rear tires) but as John Coleman, founder of The Weather Channel finally had the heuvos to say, "global warming is the biggest scam in history". It doesn't take much common sense to know Mr. Coleman is right because in the 70's the wacko hippies told us all we "were about to freeze to death" from the impending new "ice age". Thank God for my Hodaka Ace 90, eh Cliff?. Put down the Kool Aid and step away from it. What's next, the Politically Correct Guide to Moto Cross? For the love! Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to fire up my 1971 Ford F250 to warm myself cuz it's 21 freakin degrees in So Cal right now.Let's not forget, it was just a few generations ago that New York City was knee deep in horse poop nuggets (it was a serious problem) and the automobile was seen a "cleaner alternative". (Just making a point)
Tom Dappert
San Diego, CA
Mr. Dappert, I can't believe you're the first one to protest the G-word in DR! Given the model choices today, I don't expect anyone to race motocross on a non-motocross machine. If you ride recreationally, or race on trails, I do recommend a bike with headlights (or other model meeting federal emissions standards). Why?Global warming is fairly well documented. The theory that greenhouse gasses raise atmospheric temperature is pretty solid. Granted, the human contribution compared to the natural cycle of glaciation is not precisely known. But I think we ought to act on the best available information.
Off-road motorcycles are a tiny fraction of global emissions, right? Well, that's because we're a tiny fraction of the global population. A fair measurement of the impacts would be per person, not per sport. Instead of pointing fingers at other industries, let's improve their efficiency, too.
You're probably visualizing an Earth Scooter with the power-to-weight of, well... a horse. By EPA-compliant, I mean shaving one horsepower from your CRF450R. Only pro (and maybe A-class) riders utilize all that power, which warrants a freakin' neck brace. Eliminating the closed-course exemption would preserve a level playing field, and racing would remain exciting.
Advocating motorcycle trail riding is my life (pathetic, I know). I love diffusing anti-motorized criticism by pointing out that my CRF250X gets up to 50mpg, even with the 270 kit. It's the same way with noise. Keep decibels in the lower 90s, and some people will still complain. But they'll lose merit, and we'll win.
Your insinuation that I use LSD would be supported by the guy last week who told me to "keep your damn destructive machines off the public lands... bastards!" And 2008 has only begun! Still I respect both your opinions, and DR for having the guts to broaden the debate. -Clif KoontzGuys,
Agree to disagree, and thanks for the letters! I hope whatever is going on brings more wet days in the desert and some nice waves! - Jimmy Lewis