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If the first two rounds of the AMA National Motocross Series are any indication as to how the year will go, then this is going to be one hell of a season. From the moment the first starting gate at Hangtown fell with a bang, it was clear the classes were stacked, the riders were hungry and the racing was going to be better than ever before. While compiling our photo feature of the first two rounds of National action, we began to wonder what the riders had to say about this super-season. So rather than tacking on the customary witty caption to each of these photos, we simply decided to let the racers do the talking. Enjoy. -Chris Denison****Round 1
Hangtown****Round 2
High Point

MotoSport Outlet Team Manager Mark Johnson
Andrew McFarlane
Davi \"Blue Steel\" Millsaps
Josh Grant
Hangtown\'s famous start
Bubba\'s pit crew
Mike Alessi
Chad Reed
Ryan Villopoto
James Stewart
National track atlas
Fastest Laps: * Moto 1-2:33.078 * Moto 2-2:45.824 * Overall 1st
Streak Breaker\"What else can I say about Hangtown? Finally, I won!\" -James Stewart
Fastest Laps: * Moto 1-2:33.343 * Moto 2-2:42.912 * Overall 2nd
He\'s Human!\"I had a great start to the moto, but as soon as I fell I thought, \'This is a rookie move. I\'m an idiot!\'\" -Ricky Carmichael
Fastest Laps: * Moto 1-2:35.144 * Moto 2-2:50.125 * Overall 3rd
Saw the Lead\"It was great to lead the first few laps of the first National of the year.\" -Chad Reed
Fastest Laps: * Moto 1-2:40.269 * Moto 2-2:53.885 * Overall 4th
Back on Blue\"It\'s good to be back. I was fourth at the first two rounds, and I don\'t think anyone would have guessed coming in that I would do that well.\"-David Vuillemin
Fastest Laps: * Moto 1-2:44.036 * Moto 2-2:54.366 * Overall 6th
Soldier\"I\'m just trying to get solid starts, ride as hard as I can and hopefully get on the podium.\" -Nick Wey
Fastest Laps: * Moto 1- 2:34.940 * Moto 2-2:42.063 * Overall 1st, Lites
Birthday Boy\"It felt really good coming over the Hangtown finish line knowing that I won it. That was the perfect present on my 18th birthday.\" -Mike Alessi
Fastest Laps: * Moto 1-2:37.181 * Moto 2-2:45.594 * Overall 3rd, Lites
Jr. Surprise!\"Hangtown was my first National in America, and I made the podium. I think that\'s a pretty good way to start the outdoor series!\" -Andrew McFarlane
Fastest Laps: * Moto 1-2:38.490 * Moto 2-2:41.332 * Overall 4th, Lites
Easy Does It\"I fell about five times in the second moto at Hangtown, so I think I need to smooth down my riding style a bit. Once I do that, I should be all good.\" -Josh Grant
Fastest Laps: * Moto 1-2:39.353 * Moto 2-2:47.579 * Overall 15th, Lites
Newbie\"When I fell at Hangtown, I looked down at my clutch and said, \'You have got to be kidding me!\'\" -Zach Osborne
Moto Mulisha\"Motocross is the toughest sport on earth, hands down.\" -Brian Deegan
James Stewart, Fastest Laps: * Moto 1-2:03.037 (DNF) * Moto 2-DNS * Overall 39th
Ricky Carmichael, Fastest Laps: * Moto 1-2:03.814 * Moto 2-2:05.203 * Overall 1st
Don\'t Look Back \"I just try to ride my own race and not worry about the race behind me or what James is doing.\" -Ricky Carmichael
No Challenge\"Being consistent is what wins championships. I think I was the only rider who finished on every one of the first three outdoor podiums.\" -Mike Alessi
Fastest Laps: * Moto 1-2:09.960 * Moto 2-2:12.675 * Overall 3rd, Lites
51 Fury \"I need to just stay up on the podium and win some more races. I know I can do it.\" -Ryan Villopoto
Fastest Laps: * Moto 1-2:09.638 * Moto 2-2:07.996 * Overall 1st, Lites
Fastest Laps: * Moto 1-02:06.959 * Moto 2-02:06.547 * Overall 2nd
Bummer\"After being so bummed from my Las Vegas Supercross performance, it was really great to get up there and show them what I can do.\" -Chad Reed
Fastest Laps: * Moto 1-2:07.077 * Moto 2-2:07.708 * Overall 3rd
Hoss\"I like the 450, and I think I am adapting to it quickly. It really hauls my big butt around.\" -Davi Millsaps
Kevin Windham
Fastest Laps: * Moto 1-2:13.635 * Moto 2-2:09.287 * Overall 11th
Grant Langston
Fastest Laps: * Moto 1-2:09.985 * Moto 2-2:09.858 * Overall 4th, Lites