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Dirt Rider 1O And 2O Years AgoThe Twists And Turns Of FateIn Dirt Rider's November 1985 issue, the big news was a radically improved KX series lineup. As it turned out, Honda debuted a little later with cartridge Showa forks on the CR250R and 500R, thus eclipsing the green bikes. We also interviewed three-time 500cc World Champion Andre Malherbe, who was locked in combat with teammate Dave Thorpe in his quest for a fourth title. Thorpe ended up with the title, and Malherbe was held to three. In '88, the likable Belgian was paralyzed in a Paris to Dakar crash. Despite being a quadriplegic, Malherbe is still involved in racing-providing trip and ticket packages for F1 racing. He lives in Belgium.Ten years later in November '95, we mused that Jeremy McGrath would one day be beaten or retire, and that one of the current amateur riders would most likely step into his shoes. Our selection of the top 10 amateur riders was pretty accurate. We chose Brock Sellards, Ricky Carmichael, Shae Bentley, Justin Buckelew, Travis Pastrana, Charlie Bogard, Ernesto Fonseca, Michael Brandes, Robbie Horton and Danny Carlson. All but two of these amateurs went on to at least semi-factory rides. (Who remembers that Sellards was on big bikes before RC?) We also asked major amateur support sponsors to pick 10, and Yamaha's Mike Guerra was the best prophet. His was the only list that included both Mike Alessi and James Stewart.A giant '96 Honda CR test was included in the issue, with this opening shot of test rider Bob Sage on the mighty CR500R. Sage was atomic in right turns!