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**Dear Dirt Rider,In the July issue of DR, a Kawasaki KX280F was tested. It was outfitted with a Rekluse clutch. In the article the comment was made that the tester would reserve the Rekluse for electric-start bikes. I would like to know the reason for this comment as I am considering putting a Rekluse clutch on a non-electric-starting bike. I am an intermediate woods rider in western Washington.

Dale Williams**
Dale,The comment was made for a couple of reasons, based mostly on Karel Kramer's opinion about the clutch, yet I tend to agree with most of them.First, the clutch will not engage at low-low RPMs, so the bike won't bump start. Even though you think you wouldn't bump start that often, you be surprised at how much you actually keep the motor running with pressure from the rear wheel. The Rekluse does an excellent job at fully disengaging but there are times when just the wrong application of brake and twisting of the throttle will stall the bike. The one critical thing about the Rekluse is that the jetting must be spot on. If the bike has a tendency to burble or stall off the bottom, the Rekluse will only compound the problem.The second reason was because when the clutch wasn't set properly (in the beginning of the test), the bike stalled a lot and Karel got pretty ticked about having to kick the bike when his buddies were on electric start bikes. So it was more of a setup issue there. The Rekluse is very adjustable and can be tuned to engage how you like it, and in the beginning Kramer didn't get along with it.I have a Rekluse on a CRF250X and couldn't be happier with it. It rarely stalls, but when it does, it is only a button push from going again. If I had to kick start the bike, I'd be pissed at the clutch... even though in the real world, with a manual clutch, I'd probably stall the bike just as much on my own. But I wouldn't get pissed at myself. It is always easier to blame the equipment right?Jimmy Lewis
Editor, Dirt Rider magazineFor more information on the Rekluse z-Start Clutch visit www.Rekluse.com.