Associate Editor Job Interview - Feature Review - Dirt Rider Magazine

Dirt Rider is seeking a qualified applicant for the position of Associate Editor. And we want to make sure we find the right person, so in conjunction with Motorcycle Industry we have a unique application process.

Job Description: Associate Editor, Dirt Rider MagazinePRIMEDIA Automotive Enthusiasts is a collection of America's most popular and cherished enthusiast magazine publishers. Our publications include Dirt Rider, Motorcyclist, Hot Bike and Motor Trend to name a few. Primedia is currently seeking an Editor for Dirt Rider Magazine, located in Los Angeles, CA.

Job Responsibilities and Experience:
• Write wide range of stories assigned by editor (Everything from technical how-too articles to event coverage).
• Along with the rest of the staff, help create new story ideas for upcoming issues.
• Proof read staff and contributor stories for publication to ensure accuracy and readability.
• Participate in motorcycle and aftermarket product evaluation (strong riding skills a must).
• Cultivate and maintain working relationships with aftermarket companies and enthusiasts.

Education, Experience requirements:
• Candidates should possess strong writing skills, preferably with college experience.
• Possess a high level of motorcycle riding skills and understand the mechanical operation and requirements of modern dirt bikes.
• Extensive knowledge / interest in off-road motorcycle technology and trends as well as extensive knowledge of off-road motorcycle market.
• Strong photography skills are a plus.How it Works...Dirt Rider Editor Jimmy Lewis will review the applications received before October 6th, 2005, with the best being placed on so our readers can help influence his decision. Then, three or four finalists will be invited, at their own expense, to come out to California during the week of October 24-27th for a real world interview which will include real Dirt Rider assignments as a contributor/freelancer. From proofreading and fact checking copy, to testing bikes and equipment, we will see who can get the job done, to our high quality expectations, and on time! As a bonus, you'll be paid standard contributor rates for anything we publish. We'll see who really wants a dream job working at a motorcycle magazine—guaranteed long hours and low pay for having your dirt bike riding habit kicked into overdrive.**Your Application Check List:****1. Cover Letter
2. Resume
3. Two Writing Samples:

A. Mock DR Tested on a motorcycle product B. A Full Bike Test or a Feature Story**

Initial applications should include a short cover letter expressing why the candidate is interested in the job and explaining their motorcycle riding experience. Also include a one-page resume and two very specific samples of their writing. First a mock DR Tested in Dirt Rider style of some motorcycle related product they have used. Second, either a full bike test in Dirt Rider style of their own motorcycle, or a feature story in Dirt Rider style that we would run in the magazine. Having photography included with these is a plus.Need some ideas to get you started? We can't help you there; coming up with ideas is a part of the job. Read the magazine, familiarize yourself with our style, and write something you and your riding buddies would find interesting.The RulesAll applications become property of Dirt Rider Magazine and may be published. Applicants selected for the final portion of the interview understand they will be required to sign a waiver of liability in connection with your work for Dirt Rider including, without limitation, any injuries resulting from motorcycle riding. Dirt Rider is not obligated to hire any of the finalists if they do not meet the requirements of the editor.Apply at: **