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So you want to be published? Or see your picture on Here's more info on how you can submit a story for our monthly online Weekend Warrior column.What do I need to send?

Simply put: a story and photos. We all have riding stories; it's what we sit around the garage/ campfire/ local motorcycle shop telling eachother. Take one of those stories and type it out. Tell us as if you're telling a group of your buddies: Where you were, who was there, what happened, what you were riding, etc.

Here's the catch - we need photos! Send them if you got 'em! The more the merrier, and send them in the largest format you can so we can have our way with them (.jpg files are best)."But I never take pictures when I go riding." Well you should! Those are some priceless memories! Try putting a disposable camera in your toolpack and don't be afraid to be the annoying one who says, "Wait, everyone stop! I need to get a picture of this." You'll get some groans and eye-rolling, but at the end of the weekend, they'll all be asking you for copies. And you'll be the hero when all your riding buddies see themselves in a feature story on!Some examples - Click to see each one Your favorite riding trip:
Executive DecisionA trip to a new place:
West Virginia's Hatfield McCoy
A Baja Bound Adventure - Cajun Style
Thanksgiving Family Tradition
A Lot of Dust, A Little Glory
(Running a Baja 1000 race pit)Winning a race/ Race day:
Pro Race Report from Russ Pearson
(His story of winning the first 2005 National Hare & Hound)
An amazing thing that happened:
Lost and FoundRoad Trip!
Dirt Rider's Tecate Road Trip
(The DR crew heads south for the Tecate Hare Scrambles)More story ideas... How about your worst crash? Your first race? The time you met your all-time favorite rider? Or maybe a day where just about everything possible went wrong (we've all had those)! It doesn't need to be the most exotic, expensive, brag-worthy trip you've ever taken... tell us about what the riding is like where you live. Someone from South Louisiana doesn't know what it's like to ride across endless expanses of desert (right, Matt?).Frequently asked questions Does my story have to cover an entire weekend?
No. That's just the clever name of our column. It can be a day, an afternoon, or an entire week.Who can submit a story?
Anyone! This column is open to literally anybody who's thrown a leg over a dirt bike. It can (and has) come from industry people, pro riders, even Dirt Rider staff, but especially from readers. You guys are what it's all about and we want to hear from you!But I'm not a very good writer...
No worries. That's what copy editors are for! Just make sure all the facts and details are in there and we'll take a red pen to all your third-grade spelling and punctuation errors. (We do it to Jimmy's every month--snap!)How long does it need to be?
There's no set length requirement. Just tell your story with a beginning, middle and end. Don't feel you need to go for an eight-pager like the Tecate Road Trip or anything (I tend to get a little long-winded) but maybe shoot for at least a page.What's in it for me?
If we choose your story for Weekend Warrior, we'll send you a Dirt Rider t-shirt and fender stickers - in other words, we deem you worthy of slapping our logo all over you.

Submit! Send your best to us via email at Remember, the better-written your story is and better your photos are, the better your chances are of being published!