Cheat Codes for THQ's MX Unleashed - Feature Review - Dirt Rider Magazine

Can't win? Don't have the patience? Don't worry. Just cheat your way to the top! We've got the cheater codes for THQ's MX Unleashed. Now you can unlock Supercross and Nationals Tracks, increase the A.I. difficulty, and even race the 500s.Instructions: Go to options menu, click on options and use R1 button to scroll to the right to the cheat codes.Unlock Supercross Tracks
Cheat = "STUPERCROSS" Unlock National Tracks
Cheat = "ECONATION" Unlock Expert A.I. (allow player to chose > 100% A.I. difficulty)
Cheat = "OBTGOFAST" Unlock the 500cc
Cheat = "BIGDOGS"