Dirt Bike Reviews - 2005 Honda CRF450R & CRF250R - From Dirtbike Experts at Dirt Rider Magazine

Honda just unveiled it's latest in motocross weaponry, the 2005 CRF450R and the CRF250R. The '05 450F features a fourth-generation twin-spar aluminum frame which made its debut last year on the '04 CRF250R. The new frame along with narrower radiators give the new CRF a sleeker, more refined look.The bike underwent a complete makeover from the new front axle placement to the lighter and stronger swingarm. In the process Honda shaved a solid 3.5 pounds off, gave the big four-stroke a power boost via airbox vents built in to the side number plates and reworked the transmission to improve shifting. Honda made practical improvements to the new design as well, like the seat which features a one-piece bolt for easier maintenance.
Click to visit the first test of the 2005 Honda CRF450R.CRF250RWhen the 2004 CRF250R came out, there was no doubt Honda had a winner. The bike had huge sales and even won our 125 class shootout. Despite its success, Honda decided the little thumper needed revamping. The 2005 CRF250R features changes to the motor and suspension, improvements in the clutch and transmission, a new exhaust pipe, lighter swingarm and more consistent braking.
The CRF250R won our shootout in spite of - rather than because of - it's motor. It had tractable, easy to handle power, but lacked the snap of the other 250 four-strokes. Honda went to work on the motor with a new camshaft profile and cylinder head porting in conjuction with a new ignition map designed to put out more overall power. The suspension received improvements with new fork and shock valving along with new front axle placement.
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