24 hours of Glen Helen Race - Feature Review - Dirt Rider Magazine

Glen Helen Raceway holds this annual race as part of a 3 race series. The series begins with a 6-hour race then a 12-hour race and finally a 24-hour race. The races are set up in a Grand Prix format style race. The track consisting of tight trails asphalt sections and a motocross track. The 24-hour race is a very unique race in that the racers have to prepare not only themselves but also their bike for more of an endurance challenge than a race to the finish. The PRO teams are only allowed one bike and the rules stand that you must finish the race with the frame and center cases you begin with.The Dirt Rider staff decided at the last minute to pull a team together and build a bike to participate in this unique race. We built a Honda CRF450R with all the necessary parts and accessories to complete 24 hours of abuse. In our trek to build a competitive yet dependable bike we contacted some companies that have designed some really trick equipment to help make the Honda CRF450R (which is designed for motocross style racing) a serious off road machine. Once our bike was complete we assembled a pit which consisted spare wheel and endless tools and spare parts and most importantly a motor-home which is a must for this race because surviving 24 hours of racing is tough when you don't have a place to rest.As the race began the KTM team was in the lead with Kurt Caselli as the pilot. They began to pull a demanding lead and in tow was the factory Honda Team with Johnny Campbell on the bike and running third was the Yamaha team with Ty Davis on the bike. Team Dirt Rider was in the top ten and running up toward the front of our class. The tempeture during the day soared to over a 100 degrees and track conditions were brutal. Team KTM blew there motor in the afternoon hours of the race and had to push their bike to the pits where they would completely rebuild their motor. They lost the lead and much more as they waited for the mechanics to rebuild the top end. Meanwhile the Factory Honda team took the lead and lead into the night. Over at our tent things were looking good as we had pulled into good position and had a victory in reach. We believed to have been in the top 5 overall as the day ended.At the Dirt Rider tent we had some lighting problems toward the beginning of the night. However we were able to get things worked out and only lost a few positions. We then picked up the pace and were able to put in some good lap times during the late night hours. As the night was ending we lost the seal in the water pump and the crankcase filled with radiator fluid. We didn't have the parts or energy for that matter to replace the water pump seal so we called it a night. Meanwhile Honda was still in the Lead and Yamaha wasn't far behind. Then Honda lost the same seal as we did. Having the mechanics and means to fix the seal they were only down for a short time. However it was long enough for the Yamaha Team to pull into the lead. In which they kept until the finish. Two years in a row Ty Davis and team has won the 24-hour race. He is defiantly a force to be reckoned with in these endurance type races. Team Dirt Rider finished with a 6th in Class and 10th Overall not bad considering that our bike sat for 5 hours.As night fell the race for the lead raged on and teams began to feel the effects of the extreme temperatures from the day of racing beginning to set in. As night began the pits filled up and spectators begin to stir with excitement watching the lights race across the San Bernardino Mountains. At one point there was a bottleneck and racers bunched up on a steep hill. The hill looked as though it was covered in rush hour traffic as lights were pilling up. Riders were waiting there turn to attempt to climb the hill covered by downed riders. They ended up cutting the track short for a few laps to let the bottleneck clear and do a little watering and maintenance to the track.This race is a unique and fun race. Being prepared is a huge factor for success in this race, especially when you are only using one bike. Some riders consider this race pure abuse, being up for 24 hours racing thru the day and into the night on a really rough beaten track with little to no sleep. While others consider the fact that you get to team up with some friends and family to ride for 24 hours as a team thru some great terrain not to mention the fun of racing thru the night, all for the satisfaction of just finishing the race. A lot of the time you hear riders claiming, "They will never do it again" but after a little time to look back on the fun they had, they always return as will team Dirt Rider.Look for the full story of our adventure thru the 24-hour race and details about our bike in the December issue of DIRT RIDERResultsTY DAVIS,RYAN DUDEK,

Here is a part list and contact list of companies who helped Team Dirt Rider in building our Project Honda CRF 450.Hinson Clutch Basket---------------225.00
Hinson Inner Hub--------------------299.00
Hinson Pressure Plate---------------175.00
Hinson Clutch Cover----------------200.00
Devol Skidplate----------------------87.00
Devol Radiator Guards--------------83.00
Caliper Cooling system-------------125.00
Baja Designs Oil Reivoir Tank----239.00
Baja Designs Lighting system
Tecate HID headlight---------------450.00
7oz Flywheel-------------------------145.00
Rewound Coil------------------------150.00
Renthal Fat bar-----------------------89.00
520 Renthal O-ring chain-----------103.31
Renthal sprockets
SDG seat (tall)-----------------------105.99
Zip Ty quick adjust axle blocks---85.00
Zip Ty Fuel Mixture screw---------21.95
Zip Ty front axle handle------------21.95
Enduro Engineering Hand guards
Black Anodized----------------------55.95
Enduro Engineering
Rear disc guard w/ carrier----------149.95
909 grips------------------------------14.95
FMF titanium header----------------274.99
FMF titanium mid pipe--------------174.99
FMF Silencer Can--------------------224.99
IMS footpegs--------------------------96.00
IMS Fuel Tank------------------------225.00
Shrouds------------------------------ $99.95 (special art extra)
Airbox-------------------------------- $35.95 (special art extra)
F&R; Fenders----------------------- $42.95 (special art extra)
Pre-printed Backgrounds-------- $59.95 (set)
Total parts list-------------------------$4150.80