1.7 Cleaning Solutions Combo Pack and Bottle Rack is Now in Stock

1.7 Cleaning Solutions makes cleaning easier with the new 1.7 Combo Pack, which comes with a light and durable plastic shelf or carrier. The bottle rack mounts to your wall, trailer, or work bench and can be purchased separately as well. Click here, "1pt7.com" to learn more about the full 1.7 cleaning system or visit, http://www.facebook.com/1.7CleaningSolutions.


Formula 1 - Wash/Degreaser

Formula 2 - Four n One Shine

Formula 3 - Plastic and Rubber Conditioner

Formula 4 - Hard Parts Dressing

Formula 5 - Brake Rotor & Parts Cleaner

Formula 9 - Hand Cleaner

Carrier/Shelf - Mounts to wall or on top of your work bench.

About 1.7 Cleaning Solutions:

1.7 Cleaning Solutions is based in Valencia, California, and developed by the top mechanics in racing, in conjunction with one of the largest cleaning company's in America. All 1.7 cleaning chemicals are blended and packaged here in the USA, and are used and endorsed by some of the top teams in USA along with MX/SX legend Bob "Hurricane" Hannah. 1.7 has everything you need to clean and detail your motorcycle or off-road vehicle. 1.7 is part of the Matrix Concepts family of products, the brand leader in motorcycle related garage and track necessities. visit: www.1pt7.com