Fast Moto Guys On Trials Bikes | VIDEO

How many motocross guys does it take to ride a trials bike well?

It is self-evident that riding a trials bike can vastly improve your off-road riding skills, but can the same benefit be seen on the motocross track? That’s just what we aimed to find out by taking four of our motocross-only testers, who’ve never ridden a trials bike before, and seeing how they adapt to bikes with no seats. The primary steed for the day was the Gas Gas Contact 250, a 250cc two-stroke that is their mid-level model that is focused on the casual trials rider rather than the pro competitor. It comes with a seat for trail use but we ditched that for what we were doing. The other bikes in the video are ten-time National Trials Champion Geoff Aaron’s competition bikes and it was good for us to have those on hand to see the difference between the two. But the primary goal for the day was to take some very fast, very proficient riders and make them feel like complete beginners and film the outcome. Enjoy.