Fasst Company Impact Moto Pegs Review

Is this a better footpeg?

Fasst Company Impact Moto Pegs; $259.99Fasst Company

With all the new engineering going on these days, it doesn’t seem like there are any limits to what you can make better. Fasst Company is one of those companies that strives to make the bike a more comfortable ride.

I was thinking about what you could possibly do to a footpeg that could make it better without losing the durability and function of it. Well, Fasst Company did it. It took the standard platform and built up from there. The footpeg is wider at 58mm, and it’s 85mm long; that gives you a bigger footprint to distribute across a bigger portion of your foot, which allows a more comfortable ride on your feet. The different-level cleats help keep your foot in the desired spot so you don’t slip and do an unwanted nac-nac at the most inopportune moment.

The Impact Moto Peg also has a different angle than stock; they look like they’re not fully in the “down” position even when they are. This was perfect for my riding style and slightly forced my knees into the bike, allowing me to grip the bike better in the corners as well as while standing. Fasst Company also integrated an elastomer into its footpeg to eliminate vibration and reduce harsh bump impact. Well, it worked. I didn’t think I noticed much when I first rode it, but when I did a back-to-back test with the stock pegs, I could feel that it did work and added a bit more comfort to my ride.

Overall, this is a great product and I will definitely be putting these on my personal bike. Not only are they functional, but they offer several color selections. At $259.99 the craftsmanship and function are worth the price, and the $17.50-and-up option to have your name put on them gives them major style points, except in my case where I swiped them from another rider!

Rated 89

Installation 18/20
Function 45/50
Durability 9/10
Design 9/10
Price 8/10