Factory Off-Road Bikes—Wade Young’s Sherco 300 SE Factory

A look at the South African’s 300cc two-stroke hard enduro bike.

Wade Young’s Sherco 300 SE Factory dirt bike in front of tent at race.
Sherco shipped a box-stock 300 SE Factory to the United States for Wade Young to use throughout the year. Young’s mechanic, Franck “Boubou” Boulisset, dialed it in with a few aftermarket items.Shan Moore

Wade Young made short work of this year’s Tough Like RORR extreme off-road race in Tamaqua, Pennsylvania, taking the win by a 36-minute margin. Before the race, Dirt Rider got an exclusive look at his bike thanks to his mechanic Franck “Boubou” Boulisset.

At the beginning of the year, Sherco shipped a box-stock 300 SE Factory to the United States importer in Tennessee so that Young would have a bike for the RevLimiter Extreme Enduro, which was held in Texas in early March, and also for the Tough Like RORR.

Wade Young’s Sherco 300 SE Factory dirt bike with Renthal 999 handlebar with standard Sherco levers.
Young runs a Renthal 999 handlebar with standard Sherco levers.Shan Moore

Before shipping the bike, Boulisset took the engine out of the frame and went through it just to make sure it was up to spec and to add a few special parts to set it up for Young’s personal preferences. For starters, we noticed the bike sounded extra crisp, so it’s certain that Boulisset spent some time with jetting and fine-tuning adjustments. He also added a little bit of weight to the flywheel, though he elected not to disclose the amount.

Most of the add-on items Boulisset uses are for protection since the bike receives a ton of abuse during extreme events. The most noticeable protective item is the massive AXP skid plate. The 300 SE Factory comes with a skid plate, but it doesn’t have an extension that protects the shock linkage, so Boulisset bolted up the AXP unit. Young’s bike also has carbon-fiber disc guards front and rear. Boulisset uses rubber bands to keep the edges of the radiator shrouds from sticking out and catching on a tree limb or bush too.

Wade Young’s Sherco 300 SE Factory dirt bike in front of tent at race.
Young prefers the standard clutch setup, and the FMF header pipe and muffler that come stock on the 300 SE Factory.Shan Moore

The stock gearing on the 300 SE Factory is 14/49 and Young runs 14/51, which allows him to lug the bike in a higher gear. Meanwhile, a heavy-duty TM Designworks chain guide is employed to keep the Afam chain tracking in a straight line. Clutches take a lot of abuse in extreme racing, but Young says the standard Sherco clutch is more than up for the challenge, though Boulisset replaces them after each race. The levers are stock, but Young changes out the standard handlebar for a Renthal 999.

Wade Young’s Sherco 300 SE Factory front brake master cylinder.
Is this Sherco’s version of French Wi-Fi? Actually, this small “tube” is connected to a rubber band fitted around the front brake master cylinder that holds an energy bar that Young can eat on the trail.Shan Moore

While WP suspension comes on the standard SE Racing and SEF Racing Sherco models, the SE Factory and SEF Factory machines come with KYB components. Young likes a firm feel because a lot of the trails between the extreme elements are often quite fast. He runs Michelin tires front and rear with extremely soft mousses, and Boulisset drills so many holes in them that there appear to be more holes than rubber.