Tegan Temple’s 250 Beta RR - Factory Bike Friday

We checked in with the Beta team at the recent national enduro in Alabama where crew chief Zack Huberty gave us a tour of Tegan Temple’s 250 RR.

Tegan Temple's Beta 250 RR, 2016
Tegan Temple's 250 Beta RR is is equipped with Sachs suspension for 2016.Photo By Shan Moore

Crew Chief: Zack Huberty

Beta has made important revisions to its lineup of off-road machines for 2016 and its US racing team, Beta USA, has turned in some pretty good results on the new bikes so far this season. We checked in with the team at the recent national enduro in Alabama where crew chief Zack Huberty gave us a tour of Tegan Temple’s 250 RR.

Last year, the Beta USA team ran Marzocchi forks and Fox shocks. This year the team is running Sachs closed cartridge forks – which are new for 2016 – and a Sachs rear shock. All these items come stock on the production Race Editions, although the team adds a few special accessories that give the rear shock a bit more adjustability, including an X-Trig adjuster and a special high speed/low speed adjuster.

“Our shock went from two adjustments to now you can make even more and it’s a lot easier to get to the adjusters,” says Huberty. “The high-speed adjuster on the stock shock you had to turn with your finger; with this one there’s just a nut that you turn. So it just helps with the adjustability; we can fine-tune it to the rider more.”

Temple runs a steering stabilizer for woods racing.
Temple runs a steering stabilizer for woods racing.Photo By Shan Moore

As far as the hard parts, the triple clamps are stock Beta 20-millimeter units.

Tegan runs a solid InnTeck rear rotor, and according to Huberty, he’s a little harder on the brakes than teammate Jesse Groemm, so he runs sintered pads.

“We use Motul 660 fluid in all of our brakes,” adds Huberty. “We’ve had good luck with it so far.”

The front brakes are all stock. Everything’s basically what you can purchase when you get your Beta off the showroom floor.

The Beta’s come stock with FMF exhaust systems, but the one the Beta guys are running is a little bit shorter, but Huberty says that’s just rider preference.

X-Trig shock asjuster
Temple runs an X-Trig shock adjuster, which makes setting the shock a lot easier.Photo By Shan Moore

New to the team this year is Bulletproof Designs, and Temple was running one of their new radiator guards.

“It’s a great billet guard that helps strengthen the stock radiators,” says Huberty.

Beta makes their own shark fins in-house, along with a slave cylinder guard. Meanwhile, the chain guide is a BRP item.

The tank is an IMS and has a capacity of 3.1 gallons.

“They’ve changed the design from last year to this year,” says Huberty. “It just allows for a little more space around the radiator hoses. It just seems to fit a lot better than the previous version.”

Both Jesse and Tegan run the Scott steering stabilizer. Huberty says it’s just a personal preference thing. With the stabilizers, they have to run the podium ODI flight bar, which doesn’t have a crossbar.

Beta USA runs a Rekluse clutch cover for added strength, but with stock clutch components inside.

As far as power, Tegan likes his motor set up so it pulls further in the RPMs, so the team has played with some different motor combinations to suit his style better. The motors are production, but Beta USA goes through them in-house and sets them to their specs.

Tegan runs a 13/50 sprocket combination with Talon sprockets and DID VT2 chains. Stock gearing is 14/49. According to Huberty, the gearing change helps with the gap from second to third when you’re riding in the woods.

Wheels are from Dubya USA, with a DID rim and a Talon hub.

Tegan runs a tall seat, so MotoSeat created a custom seat cover for the Beta.

“It’s kind of unique,” says Huberty. “That’s probably one of the major things that sets his bike apart from Jesse’s, setup-wise, is just his seat. It’s kind of like a couch.”

Both Tegan and Jesse run the Funnel Web Filter, which have little diamond shaped pieces of foam on the outside that increases the surface area.

Another sponsor new to Beta USA is SKF, which supplies the team with fork seals fork wiper kits, as well as bearings. “We’re pretty excited because they’re aligned with the factory Beta team in Europe so we were excited to put that deal together,” says Huberty.

The Rest Of The Story

• Hyde skid plates

• Enduro Engineering hand guards

• IMS tank

• BRP chain guides

• Samco radiator hoses

• MotoConcepts stands

• G2 throttle tube