Mitch Oldenburg's Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/ KTM 250 SX-F - Factory Bike Friday

A look at Mitch Oldenburg's TLD KTM SX race bike.

Mitch Oldenburg's KTM 250 SX-F
Mitch Oldenburg's KTM 250 SX-F
Mitch Oldenburg's KTM 250 SX-F features FMF exhaust, Did rims, Kite hubs and Neken triple clamps.Photo By Shan Moore

Mechanic: Sean Trihey

Mitch Oldenburg joined Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/ KTM midway into the 2015 season when he filled in for the injured Darryn Durham. Dirt Rider got a first-hand look at Oldenburg’s KTM 250 SX-F thanks to TLD mechanic Sean Trihey at the San Diego round of the Supercross series. One thing that Oldenburg is super picky about, according to Trihey, is his front tire.

“Mitch rides over the front of the bike a little bit more, so that’s why he puts a little more emphasis on front tire selection and also his fork settings,” says Trihey. “Other than that, he’s not too picky.”

Mitch Oldenburg's KTM 250 SX-F sports carbon fiber engine hangers.
MItch Oldenburg's KTM 250 SX-F
Mitch Oldenburg's KTM 250 SX-F sports carbon fiber engine hangers.Photo By Shan Moore

WP does the suspension for the TLD team, and Oldenburg’s forks are the over-sized 52-millimeter WP cone valve units. According to Trihey, Mitch likes his forks a little bit stiffer than most, just because he rides as far forward as he does.

The triple clamps are Neken with a stock 22-millimeter offset.

Neken Triple Clamps
Neken triple clamps
Neken triple clamps have pretty much become the industry standard.Photo By Shan Moore

Oldenburg’s brakes are super trick. The calipers are factory Brembo, and they have a larger piston than stock. Meanwhile, the rotors are standard OEM size, though the team runs a Moto-Master floating rotor in the front.

Moving to the wheels, the hubs are Kite laced to DID rims.

TLD partners with FMF for their exhaust systems, and Trihey says the team works hand-in-hand with FMF to tailor the power delivery for each rider.

“Our crew chief Wayne Lumgair works really closely with the guys at FMF,” says Trihey. “They’ve had several different versions of length and diameter and whatever they need they can come up with. Right now we’re pretty happy with what we got, so no recent changes.”

The team runs carbon fiber motor mounts for Supercross, which saves about a pound over the stockers.

As expected, almost all the hardware is all titanium, and the levers are billet items fashioned after the stock levers. Meanwhile, the footpegs are titanium replica OEM units and the skid plate is carbon fiber.

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Clutch: Hinson

Linkage: Stock

Bars: Renthal

Graphics: N-Style

FMF Exhaust
FMF Exhaust
FMF works closely with the team to come up with different solutions for each of the riders.Photo By Shan Moore