EVS Sports At The 2018 EnduroCross Ride Day Videos

Knee braces and Technical Under Gear (TUG)

EVS Sports attended the first annual EnduroCross Ride Day hosted at MotoVentures in Anza, California, and we stopped by its booth to have Brand Manager Sarah Shorter give us the lowdown on some of its product offerings.

EVS was displaying its top three knee braces, the Axis Sport, Axis Pro, and Web Pro. The Axis Sport features a lightweight, reinforced nylon-injected upper and lower cuffs while the Axis Pro is constructed of aluminum and carbon fiber, using an aluminum hinge design that allows for a low-profile structure. Its top-of-the-line knee brace, the Web Pro, uses EVS’ patented Tru-Motion hinges, which anatomically mimic the natural motion of the human knee to increase comfort and connectivity to the bike.

Also on hand were EVS’ Technical Under Gear (TUG) products which are designed to work with protective riding gear for enhanced mobility. The TUG line uses soft-touch Kwik-Dri fabrics designed to wick sweat from the skin and help regulate core temperatures.