Enduro Spec Suspension Work Featuring MX-Tech's Huck Valve - Product Of The Week

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Enduro Spec Suspension Work Featuring MX-Tech's Huck Valve System: $1,978.94

For this week’s product we have Enduro Spec Suspension straight from Colorado. Fresh off of the 2015 Off-Road Shootout, our KTM 250 XC-F had its fork and shock shipped mid-country to undergo some serious gutting. We haven’t ridden with the reworked suspension yet, but here is what Enduro Spec did to our orange bike’s WP hardware.

So far we haven’t been huge fans of WP’s 4CS fork because of a mid-stroke harshness that is hard to tune out with the clickers. Enduro Spec tackles this problem head on by installing what they call a Huck Valve, designed by MX-Tech Suspension. This is sort of an extra valving system that replaces the bottom section in each fork leg. Each huck valve has about 14 clicks of tune. The left fork huck valve has high speed adjustment and the right side is for low speed adjustment. So this means that there are the stock clickers on the top of each fork leg, and the huck valve clickers on the bottom where, traditionally, there are the rebound clickers. This is aimed at allowing the fork to be set up on the plush side to avoid the harsh mid-stroke, but still have bottoming resistance so a rider can ride fast and hit obstacles at speed, without bottoming.

Also in the fork is MX-Tech’s Asymmetrical 4CS Conversion Parts Kit. This includes new high speed and low speed adjusters, double Huck Valves (as mentioned above), mid valve piston, shims and O-rings. This set up increases the adjustability of the 4CS fork allowing a wider range of settings for different terrain and conditions.

The WP shock gets a similar Huck Valve to handle the very end of the stroke allowing for a more comfortable setting throughout the rest of the stroke. Other than that they replaced the chrome shaft, rebound tube/needle, fluids, and nitrogen.

We had Enduro Spec set up the 250 XC-F's suspension for a 175 lb. rider of average ability so a wide range of test riders can evaluate the new set up. This is some serious suspension work with a serious price tag; not your everyday revalve. We will be sure to get a lot of opinions in a lot of riding conditions. Stay tuned to Dirt Rider to see the full review.