Enduro Engineering Linkage Guard Review

Protect your linkage from malicious trail nasties

Enduro Engineering Linkage Guard; $44.95Enduro Engineering

This guard is as simple as it looks. It is a thick piece of slippery plastic that protects your linkage from malicious trail nasties. This guard can be attached to any skid plate, though I attached it to an aluminum Enduro Engineering Skid Plate.

The installation, to be honest, is overly complicated. There are crush-fastener inserts that are a pain in the butt to get to work. You have to insert them into the holes you drill in the skid plate then thread a bolt into them making them crush, flare out, and fill the hole so the bolt has something secure to thread into. I understand the need to make something that is as universal as this, but since I haven’t used them before, I did it by hand and broke one of the bolts. Grabbing an electric drill (an impact wrench would probably work better) I installed the second one with less issue and the bolt intact. The crush inserts are really the only way to mount up the guard because there is no way to get a wrench on any lock nuts you’d try to use because of where the guard mounts to the skid plate.

After some trail rides in our usual riding areas I could see some scrapes and gouges in the plastic even though I didn’t notice hitting anything with the guard. I’m glad the guard was there to take the hits rather than my linkage. I also find this design more appealing than putting a cap of some sort (like other guards) on the linkage itself because this makes the bottom of your bike virtually one long skid plate.

Rated 87

Installation 14/20
Function 48/50
Durability 8/10
Design 8/10
Price 9/10