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Cool new products for you and your bike.

EKS Brand Gox EKS-S Goggle: $64.99

Gox EKS-S Goggle
www.eksbrand.comCourtesy Of EKS Brand

As a relatively new goggle company (when compared to the industry originators) EKS Brand Goggles have been steadily gaining popularity. We’ve seen them on quite a few amateurs and pros alike. Here is the latest premier level goggle from the company, the EKS-S. What sets it apart from other goggles in the EKS line is its outriggers. Some people love them, some could take them or leave them, but the whole idea is that the outriggers allow a goggle to sit flush with your face no matter how far a goggle has to reach inside your helmet to make contact with your face. If you have a large helmet and flat face, some goggles might just stretch across your helmet’s goggle opening and not actually touch your skin. Plus, the EKS-S comes in some eye-wateringly bright color combos that will keep even the flashiest rider appeased.

Torc 1 Attack Oversized Handlebars: $64.99

Attack Oversized Bars
torc1racing.comPhoto By Sean Klinger

It kind of funny that we still call 1 1/8 inch bars oversized when they are pretty much the more popular size of bar. Anyway, Torc 1 has come out with their own 1 1/8 inch bar made from 4mm shot-peened aluminum. There are four bends to choose from; KDub Bend, RC/Honda/Kawasaki Bend, Showtime Bend, and RV bend. As of now, they only come in black but they anodized and have an alignment grid for proper placement and includes a foam bar pad. These aren’t the most innovative are radical bars that we’ve seen, but they are offered at a nice price point from a company that is established in the motocross world.

Sprocket Apparel RideDry Side Tee: $35

RideDry Tee
sprocketapparel.comPhoto By Sean Klinger

Sprocket Apparel is a brand new company that was started in North Carolina and is 100 percent American made. Although it is a technical tee designed for street riders, we’ve been wearing this shirt on dual sport and ADV bikes under our jacket. Basically, it is a lightweight, microdenier polyester shirt that is very comfortable and wicks sweat away very well. Plus, unlike a riding jersey, when we pull up to a lunch stop and take off our jackets, we don’t look like we just rode off a motocross track. We’ve even worn it as a normal everyday shirt and on a hot day, it is pretty great. Lastly the logos are reflective to add a bit of performance. Yeah, it cost more than a normal shirt, but we wouldn’t where a cotton tee under our riding jackets and, rather than wearing some generic sport brand, by wearing a Sprocket shirt you are supporting the motorcycle industry.

Moose Qualifier Shade Goggle: $32.95

Shade Goggle
www.mooseracing.comPhoto By Sean Klinger

When we get a pair of goggles from a gear company, they are normally pretty basic with clear lenses and a minimal amount of foam. But when these Qualifier Shade Goggles showed up at our office, we were pleasantly surprised. They have multi-density foam that looks on par with other mid-priced goggles and they come in six colorways that should match any set of gear. But what we think is pretty cool is the mirror smoke lens. Picking a tinted lens is really up to the rider depending on their riding conditions and preferences, but no matter what you like or where you ride, mirrored lenses are just plain cool. And at this price, everyone can have that rock star, you-can’t-see-my-eyes look.

Leatherman Tread: $165

Tread Tool
www.leatherman.comPhoto By Sean Klinger

As motorcyclists and, more specifically, dirt bike people we take pride in working on our own bike. And, to that end, we think tools are cool and the more the better! Enter the Leatherman Tread. It is basically a wearable multi-tool that is primarily made up of screwdrivers, hex drivers, box wrenches, and a few other nifty items. For one, having the Tread as a bracelet lets you keep some basic tools on hand at all times. Second, Leatherman claims that it is TSA approved allowing you to travel with it. Thirdly, once you take it off to use it, you can get a surprising amount of torque by orienting the bracelet in an optimal position. We have the standard version but what is even cooler (but wasn’t available when we received ours) is the Metric version which is much more applicable for us. The standard Tread has a mix of “standard” and metric wrench and hex driver sizes, yet the Metric version has a 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, and 12mm box wench. We know not all of those are found on dirt bikes but some aftermarket parts can have funny sized bolts.

First and foremost, the primary downside to Tread is its size. It is a formidable piece of “jewelry” and if you aren’t into wearing big chunks of metal on your person, this most likely will be a deal breaker. If you are actually into the style of it, the weight might put you off since it isn’t just a fashion piece. Lastly, it is impossible to wear while using a laptop since it will scratch and dent your computer brutally, which is why I’m not wearing it now.