Edge of Summer MX Adds Adaptive Athletes To September Spectacular

Steve Howe, Spencer McGinnis, and Mike Schultz highlight the Adaptive Class

Adaptive Motocross, RCH Racing, Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort
Edge of Summer MX adds Adaptive Athletes to the September SpectacularPhoto Courtesy of RCH Racing

For the third year in a row, Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort will host the Edge of Summer MX – a star-studded, action-packed weekend of professional and amateur Motocross and ATV racing featuring some of the of the sport’s top professional riders in both two- and four-wheel competition, September 9-11.

For the 2016 edition of Edge of Summer MX, race promoters have added Adaptive Motocross to the card, which showcases awe-inspiring athletes who have physical challenges such as limb loss and paralysis. Spencer McGinnis, Steve Howe, and Mike Schultz will headline this amazing group of athletes who let no challenge, obstacle or unforeseen circumstance of life prevent them from fulfilling their dreams or accomplishing their goals.

Adaptive Motocross gives adaptive athletes a chance to compete side-by-side with other individuals who are racing with the same types of challenges and creates a more level playing field for riders to compete for hardware and cash prizes. Adaptive sports continue to gain traction as a result of new technology empowering riders to adapt to and overcome their individual physical challenges.

Adaptive Motocross, RCH Racing, Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort, Mike Schultz
Adaptive Motocross motivated Mike Schultz to continue his passion of motocross.Photo Courtesy of RCH Racing

“After my amputation in 2008 I would have been lost if I had to give up riding,” explained seven-time X Games gold medalist and co-founder of Moto Sport Adaptive Mike Schultz. “Adaptive Motocross motivated me to get back into shape, design new prosthetic technology to allow me to ride and really look forward to competition again. Every season I look forward to riding at the adaptive events around the country and meeting up with the other riders. The camaraderie and attitude is always so positive and contagious.

“We’ve all had to overcome so many obstacles to get back on our bikes so no one takes it for granted. Since it has provided me with so much excitement, challenges and positive opportunities, I want to do what I can to help build an Adaptive Motocross program that will grow and give new opportunities to current and future Adaptive Motocross riders. We’re talking about a program that will give exposure at a national level and showcase the talent, determination and resiliency of this truly amazing group of athletes.”

Adaptive classes will compete on September 10-11 and be broken up into three groups – Upper Limb, Lower Limb and Para. Upper Limb Class riders compete with a physical impairment of an upper limb while the Lower Limb Class riders race with a physical impairment of a lower limb. Para Class riders compete with a paralysis level that prevents the rider from standing. This class is required to be seated on the bike at all times with a waist belt and was designed to be fair for riders who have limited physical control.

All three groups will compete during the same event with separate starting gate drops.

“After being medically retired from the Army as a limb salvage patient, I started pursuing a dream of giving back, particularly to my military family,” offered retired military veteran, creator of the Rally & Race of Heroes and co-owner of Moto Sport Adaptive Spencer McGinnis. “As a result, I was fortunate enough to meet some truly inspirational people—adaptive athletes. Motocross has been a big part of my life for a long time but as a recent amputee I look at it in a whole new way. As co-owner of Moto Sport Adaptive, I want to help bring Adaptive Motocross into the light at center stage, to showcase the amazing talent and courage and to give the Adaptive Motocrosser a serious championship title to pursue. Through it all, I hope to inspire."

Steve Howe, Adaptive Motocross, RCH Racing, Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort
Steve Howe won the 2014 Rally & Rave of Heroes Upper Limb Class and proves to be a true inspiration to the others looking forward to the Edge of Summer event.Photo Courtesy of RCH Racing

Howe was born without a right hand but never let his challenge keep him from riding and ripping a roost with everyone else. Like most who thrive on two wheels, the Las Vegas native and 2013 Extremity Games winner spent weekends with his family at a local motocross track. From the eager age of three until he was 16, Howe accomplished multiple goals that, from the outside looking in, would appear to be out of reach for a kid without a right hand. He will compete under the RCH canopy aboard his Suzuki RM-Z450.

“I couldn't be more excited to be a part of the Edge of Summer motocross event at Soaring Eagle this year,” said Howe who won the 2014 Rally & Race of Heroes Upper Limb Class. “Being able to race motocross allows me to motivate and inspire others that have challenges in their life.”

“We’re thrilled to welcome the adaptive athletes to Edge this year,” added event promoter NFC Management’s Justyn Amstutz. “Watching them race, you'd never have a clue that they were adaptive. The competitive spirit and passion in which adaptive athletes compete is an inspiration to people of all ages, adaptive or otherwise.”