Wow! What a night of racing in MetLife Stadium. If you missed the race live on Fox, don’t fret, we will get you caught up right here. Round 16 was one for the record books as both Main events had their fair share of drama and excitement. The heats, semis and LCQ races were just as exciting. Let’s get this started and dive into Keefer’s Korner, shall we?

450 Class:

Eli Tomac: We will start with Tomac. Was someone else riding his bike after he washed out or was his bike damaged? When you look at Tomac's crash you can see him standing up late into the corner, which pushes his front end early. If he would of sat down sooner, this wouldn't have happened. After the crash his timing was off and he didn't look comfortable at all. I would have to assume the title got to him on Saturday night because this wasn't the Eli we have seen the last few rounds. He sits nine points back going into Vegas and needs Dungey to make a huge mistake to get the title. Does he try to take out Dungey in Vegas? Possible. Desperate times calls for desperate measures. I feel like Tomac rushed the New Jersey track a little too much. He got the lead and needed to let the track come to him. If Tomac starts behind Dungey in Vegas look for a cat and mouse game between the two. Don't worry Tomac fans, he still has outdoors.

Eli Tomac, New Jersey Supercross 2017
Eli Tomac did himself no favors Saturday night. Crashes and bobbles put him in a pretty deep 9-point hole for next Saturday night.Photo by Brown Dog Wilson

Ryan Dungey: Could the night have gone any better for Ryan? I think not. As Travis Preston and I sat and watched Ryan race his heat, you could just see he was locked in and riding good. He was making the track look easier than it should. In the Main Dungey's patience paid off when Tomac passed him, but he didn't panic. Ryan rode solid and knew Marvin was riding well so letting Marvin by actually helped Ryan. These two ride together everyday, so having Marvin in front of him instead of behind him lets Dungey relax and find better lines. A rider can sometimes ride better offensively than defensively. Dungey is smart and knew this. Boom! He takes the win (more on that in a minute) and is suddenly in the drivers seat. He is a three-time champion for a reason folks. He's fast and also has a brain.

Marvin Musquin: Let me pre-face this by saying Marvin is an incredible rider and could of just left Dungey I feel in the Main event. Ruts and a technical track is tailor made for the Frenchman. Also, I have no problem letting Ryan go by on the last lap as Marv is not in the points hunt AT ALL. I do have a problem with why he acted and said he made a "mistake" on the last lap. Is KTM telling him to lie to all of us fans? No probably not. I know there is a clause in the AMA rulebook about "fixed" racing, but explaining why you let Ryan by wouldn't be considered fixed in my opinion. It is race strategy not "a fixed race". I mean we already know the truth so why compound it and say he made a hard left and blew the corner. Serious? What is the reason for not just stating the facts? The facts are KTM needed Ryan to get as many points on Tomac as they could, so letting him win the race helps them when they get to Vegas, so there is a little more wiggle room in points. Its easy people! It's not science! Whether you like it or not it is part of racing and part of why you have a good/fast/capable teammate when the series gets this close. It helps! Nascar does it, so it's not something new. Let's just be real SOMETIMES in our sport. We don't need to be so secretive ALL the time. Marvin rode great and is a technician in this tricky, soft dirt, but lets just keep it real on the podium eh?

Marvin Musquin, New Jersey Supercross 2017
Marvin was fast at MetLife. I also think Marvin did the right thing by letting Dungey by on the last lap. However, I thought saying (at the press conference) that he made a “mistake” on the last lap was a little odd, and deters fans away from a sport that is so great. I understand all of us fans can’t know everything, but a little transparency would be nice.Photo by Brown Dog Wilson

Jason Anderson: Somewhere Aldon Baker is smiling. Anderson crashed, picked himself up and got on the podium with a third. Impressive! Jason has had a decent series and watching him ride the ruts was impressive. The long rhythm after the start straight took some technique and Anderson was nailing it all main event.

Jason Anderson, New Jersey Supercross 2017
The past three weeks Jason Anderson has put in great starts and received three podiums. Good way to end a decent Supercross series for the number 21.Photo by Brown Dog Wilson

Davi Millsaps: For a guy that has four broken bones in his hand he sure is killing it lately. He looked to have third in hand until that late race Anderson move pushed him back to fourth. Millsaps starts have also been great most of the year and this helps him get into position early in the main event. Don't look for Millsaps outdoors however as he will be getting surgery on that hand.

Davi Millsaps, New Jersey Supercross 2017
Another rider who has been getting great starts is Davi Millsaps. Another quiet top five for Davi on a bike that he loves to ride. Too bad we will not see him in outdoors due to a surgery on his hand, which will be performed after Vegas.Photo by Brown Dog Wilson

Tyler Enticknap: Poor, poor Tyler! The Dirt Rider test rider had a last lap, last corner pass for a transfer made in the semi, only to have the rider he just passed leg fall into his rear wheel, 50 feet from the checkers! I mean I feel sick just thinking about it. This kid has been to every single round this year, traveling to the races in a bus with TPJ and had his first main in the bag! He rode great all night and seemed to have a flow in New Jersey that he has been searching for all year. So if you see the 723 in Vegas, please give him a hug or five, as he well need several after New Jersey!

Justin Brayton, New Jersey Supercross 2017
Justin Brayton had a great ride and was long overdue for this result. What was weird is that he was pitting in the Factory Honda pits on Saturday. Hmmm?Photo by Brown Dog Wilson

250 Class:

Zach Osborne: Zach-O was a man possessed Saturday night and wouldn't be denied. His main was down right impressive coming back from seventh and pulling away for the win. Zach sits only one point back (after Savatgy's penalty was enforced) and will no doubt be sending it in the 702 for the win and the title. I f he beats Smith and Savatgy he wins the championship! If you have never met Zach, go by the truck and talk about bicycles with him. He loves that!

Zach Osborne, New Jersey Supercross 2017
Zach Osborne’s win puts him only one point back leading into the last round. If Zach finishes better than Smith and Savatgy, he wins the title. Vegas is going to be crazy Saturday night.Photo by Brown Dog Wilson

Dylan Ferrandis: Ferrandis isn't too flashy but gets it done with aggressiveness and corner speed. His entrance speed into corner (when rutty) is impeccable. Dylan hung tough in the main and was gifted with another Savatgy mishap. However look for Dylan to be another top three player in the Lucas Oil Motocross Nationals.

Joey Savatgy: What a night for Savatgy getting docked to eighth place and losing his points lead. It has to be frustrating knowing he has crashed in several main events either while leading or in second. AMA docked Joey for cutting a nice size portion off of the track. Why would he just think going to the next lane would be ok? Yes he crashed, yes it took him a while to get going, but does that mean you just re-start in the next lane over? No of course not. I am not bagging on Joey here, but to me wouldn't you just at least try to get back on where you crashed? Now this little mental error could cause him a title! He is tied with Osborne for second going into Vegas. This has been a rollercoaster of a series for the number 17 and now he has nothing to lose come Vegas. A win means the title; it's that simple, so standby for a block pass enduced Main event in the desert.

Joey Savatgy, New Jersey Supercross 2017
Joey Savatgy has got to put his head down in Vegas and complete a full 15-minute plus one lap main event. He is so fast and has the first 10-12 minutes down, but seems to unravel the last few laps a lot. I am confident he can do it, but can he stay out of trouble in the combined 250 main event this weekend?Photo by Brown Dog Wilson

Jordon Smith: Jordon didn't look like his normal self out there! He had some trouble getting around Cianciarulo and couldn't find the flow. I know some riders were having set up problems as the track was spongy and hard to get a feel for. Jordon still has had an impressive series and now due to the protest is your new points leader! His TLD KTM team filed for the protest after the race on Savatgy's "move" after his crash and now Jordon sits one point up on Osborne and Savatgy coming into the final round! What a year for this guy!

Jordon Smith, New Jersey Supercross 2017
After the protest and smoke settled, this your new 250 East points leader! Jordon Smith goes into Vegas with a one-point lead and looks to lock up his first ever-professional title.Photo by Brown Dog Wilson

Adam Cianciarulo: A heat race win and a top five main event is pretty dang good, but not what Adam is looking for. I know his leg is still bothering him a little from the Osborne incident and this may have been bothering him in the main when the ruts were at an all time high. Adam will be good outdoors and will get a win. Yes, a win!

Adam Cianciarulo, New Jersey Supercross 2017
Adam Cianciarulo looked great in his heat race, but in the main event he just couldn’t muster up a podium finish. Look for a more confident AC come Hangtown.Photo by Brown Dog Wilson

Christian Craig: My favorite 250 rider to watch ride CC48 didn't have the main I thought he would have. I just can't put my finger on it? I know he is fast enough to win, but he just can't seem to put a full race together. However I am still on the bandwagon and will be looking for top five's in outdoors on the 4-5-0! Craig is a better 450 rider and will be so sweet to watch ride that factory Honda outdoors.

Christian Craig, New Jersey Supercross 2017
Christian Craig rode well in the main event, but just was a tick off the podium guys pace. I think he is just waiting to unleash his potential on the 450 come outdoors.Photo by Brown Dog Wilson
Kyle Cunningham, New Jersey Supercross 2017
The older statesman Kyle Cunningham has quietly been putting in solid rides against the young bucks in the 250 East. The JGR Suzuki fill in rider netted a sixth place in Jersey and look for him to do well in Vegas. Remember when Cunningham took a fourth in 2010 in the 450 class? Yeah you probably forgot. He can ride hard pack, so stick him in your fantasy picks and thank me later.Photo by Brown Dog Wilson

Notes From East Rutherford:

250 Main Event Laps: 18
450 Main Event Laps: 23
250 Main Event Bike Breakdown:

Yamaha= 10
Honda= 4
KTM= 1
Suzuki= 2
Kawasaki= 4
Husqvarna= 1

450 Main Event Bike Breakdown:

Yamaha= 2
Honda= 4
KTM= 4
Suzuki= 6
Kawasaki= 4
Husqvarna= 2

The East Rutherford Track: I feel like this track was as tricky as Seattle was. There were tons of ruts on takeoffs, but also landings. The landings had huge holes from where the rear tires were hitting and formed cups in the dirt. This is what is sketchy about soft dirt. You land on those cups and you get bucked over the bars once you land. All in all it was a good track and had some more passing opportunities than we have seen with other tracks lately.

The New Jersey Slam Fest: Was it me or was there an abnormal amount of slamming Saturday night? Those three digit dudes were giving it to each other all night and the Grant/Stewart pass was excessive don't you think? Wow! Mookie cross-rutted and Grant just tee's him up in the next corner! Then there was the hometown boy Ronnie Stewart who rode backwards on the track, didn't get docked and made the main! I am happy for the local boy to make the main, but riding on the track backwards for that long and dodging an oncoming rider? COME ON! Where was the FIM/AMA Saturday night? Were they sleeping? It did make for some entertaining racing on TV, but I just wish the FIM/AMA was more consistent with their rulings.

Ronnie Stewart, New Jersey Supercross 2017
Team Microbilt Yoshimura Suzuki rider Ronnie Stewart made it into the big show at his hometown race. His cheering section was dressed in all yellow and you could see them going crazy for their guy all night. Ronnie took a weird way around the track however by going backwards down a whoop section. Luckily for him no action was taken and he garnered a 20th in the Main.Photo by Brown Dog Wilson

Best Dressed Award: Fox came out with their LE New Jersey Red Moth FlexAir gear this weekend and I loved it. Is it too much red? No! I love a solid gear colorway and Fox did it very cool. I liked it best on Ryan Dungey so congrats to Dungey and Fox for having the best-looking gear set up in New Jersey. Will we see a new Vegas gear set up? I think we will see something in a LE or maybe a glimpse of a 2018 colorway!

Ryan Dungey, New Jersey Supercross 2017
Your "BEST DRESSED" and your New Jersey Supercross winner Ryan Dungey. Ryan looked great from practice and raced very smart in the main event. No matter what we think of the Marvin last lap deal, Ryan proved to everyone that he was faster than Eli on Saturday night. Ryan is a deserving champion and he also looked the best Saturday. The red FOX LE Moth really popped and looked clean on the orange KTM of Dunge.Photo by Brown Dog Wilson

450SX Class Results:

  1. Ryan Dungey, Belle Plaine, Minn., KTM
  2. Marvin Musquin, Corona, Calif., KTM
  3. Jason Anderson, Rio Rancho, N.M., Husqvarna
  4. Davi Millsaps, Cairo, Ga., KTM
  5. Blake Baggett, Grand Terrace, Calif., KTM
  6. Justin Brayton, Mint Hill, N.C., Honda
  7. Josh Grant, Riverside, Calif., Kawasaki
  8. Eli Tomac, Cortez, Colo., Kawasaki
  9. Justin Barcia, Greenville, Fla., Suzuki
  10. Dean Wilson, Clermont, Fla., Husqvarna

Western Regional 250SX Class Results

  1. Zach Osborne Abingdon, VA Husqvarna FC250
  2. Dylan Ferrandis Lake Elsinore, CA Yamaha YZ250F
  3. Jordon Smith Belmont, NC KTM 250SX-F Factory Edition
  4. Adam Cianciarulo New Smyrna Beach, FL Kawasaki KX 250F
  5. Christian Craig Corona, CA Honda CRF 250
  6. Kyle Cunningham Willow Park, TX Suzuki RM-Z250
  7. Luke Renzland Hewitt, NJ Yamaha YZ250F
  8. Joey Savatgy Thomasville, GA Kawasaki KX 250F
  9. Cameron Mcadoo Sioux City, IA Honda CRF 250
  10. Anthony Rodriguez Cairo, GA Yamaha YZ250F