Dropping In On: Josh Strang

Josh StrangPhoto by Shan Moore

Josh Strang has mostly been known for the GNCC prowess, having won the title in 2010. But in 2015, the Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing-backed Aussie made a successful transition to the Kenda AMA National Enduro Series in his very first year, just missing his first win of the series this weekend by a single point behind Am Pro Yamaha’s Grant Baylor.

The National Enduro series is different from GNCC in that it’s all based on single-track trail racing, and a rider is riding against the clock, rather than head-to-head. That, plus some of the tight train at the beginning of the series caused problems for Strang in making the transition. But by the second half of the season, Strang to seemed to have a total grasp of the concept and started turning in impressive rides and vows to come back even stronger in 2016 with some wins and possibly a championship.

The final race of the Kenda AMA National Enduro Series was this past weekend in Matthews, Indiana, where Strang finished a strong second, and we sat down with the veteran rider to get his take on the day’s race.

Q: So tell us how your day went?

A: It was pretty good. The first test I won and then it just went well from there.

Q: How was the course?

A: The track today was fun. Some of the creek crossings weren't bad, just hard to find out where. I think there was one you were standing at, I started going the wrong way and then I realized it was the wrong. But it was a good day.

Q: did you have any problems or tip-overs?

A: The third test, about two to three miles from the finish I snapped my brake pedal. So I think that cost me. I think I lost by a second today. That cost me today for sure.

Q: This is your rookie year in the season. How do you feel you've progress from the start of the season to now?

A: From round one to round 10 we made some big steps in the right direction for the national enduro, so it was good. I think the start of the year we just had the wrong setup and now riding the 450 it's the bike I ride every week, during the week and for everything. For me, just the last couple races worked well with the bike setup and I think just having fun on that thing is good. Especially these races, they're so much different. I think I just had to learn how to ride them a little bit. So it was good.

Q: So what's you bottom line assessment of your performance of the year?

A: The last couple of rounds were good for me. This one, it would have been nice to finish the year with a win but it was my fault. I broke that brake pedal. I just clipped a tree so it just snapped off. But it was good. Overall it was a fun day. It was a good second half, good last few races anyway. Next year we'll be better prepared and hopefully be having results like this every round from the start.

Q: What was your plan going into that last test when you were so close to Grant Baylor and taking the win?

A: The last test I knew I was 27 seconds down so I think I had a big enough lead on third where if I crashed… so I had to have a go and fly through the creeks. I think I was wet from head to toe just because there was no point in me going slow. I tried hard to make up the time and I almost did it that last test, but oh well. It's all good.