Dropping In On: Cody Webb

Photo Courtesy Future 7 Media

In his first race as a factory KTM rider, Cody Webb took top honors at this weekend’s opening round of the Maxxis FIM World Championship SuperEnduro Series in Lodz, Poland. The former US National Trials Champ and two-time AMA EnduroCross champion went 1-6-1 in the three-race format to claim the overall win over Great Britain’s Jonny Walker.

Webb got back into town on Sunday so Dirt Rider phoned him up to see how his weekend in Poland went.

Q: First of all, how was Poland?

A: Poland was the best over-seas trip I've ever had. It was actually similar weather to home, so I wasn't freezing. As far as the race, it was a good start to the championship.

Q: You have to be happy getting a win in your first ride as a member of the factory KTM Team.

A: Yeah, I'm pretty pleased with it.

Q: So tell us about the race.

A: I just felt really comfortable and I was running really strong, consistent laps. In America, we have the Hot Lap for EnduroCross, which determines your start position. And in Europe, they have what they call Super Pole, which awards three points to fastest guy. I ended up having the hot lap of my life – I nailed it. I was like over a second faster than anyone else. I ended up winning the first and last races, but in the second race I had a bit of trouble and wasn't able to get it together, but the other two races were enough to give me the overall.

Q: You switched from a two-stroke to a four-stroke so you rode a 250F at this race.

A: Yeah, earlier in the year I was planning on sticking with the two-stroke again, but Antti [Kallonen] wanted me to test the four-stroke as well. So I tested my two-stroke race bike along side a 250F and a 350F and I ended up having the fastest times on the 250F. That kinda messed with my head because I was planning on riding the two-stroke, but lap times don't lie and I felt really good on the 250F so I decided to go with it. The 250F had really broad, manageable power, where the 350F I felt I was just kind of holding on and letting the bike dictate where I ended up.

Q: Was there any adjustment time at all getting used to the four-stroke?

A: Not really. Honestly, the biggest thing was the engine braking. Everyone says the four-stroke is easier to ride, and they are right, but the engine braking is something you have to get used to, and I got used to it pretty quick. I was battling with arm-pump at the end of my races this year because on the two-stroke you have to be on the clutch so much. But on the four-stroke, it kind of fixed that because I was being a little more relaxed with the clutch.

Q: How was the track in Poland compared to the US EnduroCross races?

A: The track preparation wasn't as good. Over here, we have Shafer tracks prep all the courses and so there's some consistency between the rounds, and when we go to Europe the track prep usually isn't as good or as consistent between rounds. But in Poland it wasn't bad. There weren't as many 180 degree turns as usual, so there was a bit more flow to the track and a bit higher speed than we usually see over there. They didn't have anything overly difficult, but there was moisture in the dirt and it deteriorated like crazy, so that added some difficultly to the track and it got more difficult as the night went on.

Q: You won the first and last of the three races and Colton Haaker won the second race, so it appears that American riders dominated the event.

A: Yeah, I think we definitely felt really strong and much better than we felt last year at those races. Colton rode the final round last year and he didn't do so well, so I think he learned a lot from that experience and it paid off this weekend.

Q: Are you doing the entire SuperEnduro series?

A: Yes.

Q: So was the crowd pulling for Taddy Blazusiak since the race was in Poland?

A: Yes, they were chanting Taddy, Taddy, Taddy, during the race, which was kind of distracting (laughs).

Q: Did the team ship a bike to Poland for you, or did and Taylor Robert you ride production bikes?

A: Well, the team prepared bikes for me and Taylor and shipped them over, but they got stuck in customs and didn't make it so we had to ride production bikes, which says a lot about the bikes.

Q: When is the next SuperEnduro round?

A: It's January 2nd in Germany.