DR Tested: Alpinestars Tech 5 Boots

Alpinestars makes high end motocross and off-road boots, and they've added some new low and mid-price models to their line up recently. We've been testing their mid-priced Tech 5 boot for a while and our video team caught the test in progress. The Tech 5 is a good boot, but a much less serious boot compared to Alpinestars' Tech 10, Tech 8, and Tech 7. What the Tech 5 gives up in support and protection it makes up for it with comfort and feel of the bike; think of it like a less serious Tech 7... on sale. For racers and serious riders we'd say you'd be better off spending your money on the Tech 7, but for more casual riders the Tech 5 is a great cost-saving option.

We're still not done testing these, and we'll see how they hold up to more abuse and report back on that. For now, here are our initial impressions.