DR Quick Tips: Yamaha Power Tuner

Yamaha’s GYTR Power Tuner is quite possibly one of the coolest tuning tools on the market. This plug-and-play unit allows you to tune the ECU of your YZ-F in just a few easy steps, in less time than it takes to jet a carburetor. However, a lot of riders are intimidated by using this simple tool, mainly because the prospect of tinkering with your Yamaha’s computer is an unknown one. Fortunately, using the Power Tuner is easier than you think! Check out this video from Dirt Rider’s Kris Keefer for a look over his shoulder as he changes maps on our 2016 Yamaha YZ250F test bike. While this isn’t a comprehensive guide on how to use the Power Tuner—and nothing can replace the instruction of a qualified mechanic—this Quick Tip video will give you a glimpse at how easy it can be to retune your bike with this simple tool.