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Sidi X-3 Lei Boots: $345

Sidi X-3 Lei boots
www.motonation.comPhoto By Sean Klinger

Sidi has long been one of the top names in the motorcycle boot game and recently they launched their new, mid-priced X-3 boot, which is available in the Lei version just for women. It only has one colorway, but has all the features of the X-3 which are directly descended Sidi’s premium boots. Since we have a female on staff, we know first-hand the issues of finding real riding gear for ladies and these are legit boots ready for the track or trail. They are currently being tested and we’ll have a full report soon.

Doubletake Mirror Trail Mirror: $25

Doubletake Mirror Trail Mirror
www.doubletakemirror.comPhoto By Sean Klinger

We have used both the Enduro and Adventure Mirrors from Doubletake and the are DOT approved and a million times better than stock. But mirrors aren’t just for staying legal on the road. We’ve been on many trail rides where a quick glance in a mirror let us know that our group is still together… Or not! Doubletake’s latest mirror is the Trial Mirror which is not DOT approved so it won’t keep you legal for the road, but it is a small and simple way of keeping track of what’s going on behind you on trial rides. Whether you are riding with the kids, a big group of buddies, or in a trail system with bigger, faster vehicles behind you, having a mirror is a quick way to be aware of your surroundings. Though we haven’t mounted it up yet, one downside is that it is just one more thing to put on our already crowded handlebar.

Enduro Engineering Linkage Guard: $44.95

Enduro Engineering Linkage Guard
www.enduroeng.comPhoto By Sean Klinger

Here is another version of linkage protection, and so far, it is the simplest yet. The Enduro Eng. Linkage Guard is a plastic extension that attaches to any skid plate and extends back to hover right below the linkage. What we like about this design compared to a few other options out there, this linkage guard bridges the gap between the bottom of the frame and the linkage. This is a vital junction since if you high-center on a log or rock, yet you have forward momentum, it looks as though the trail obstacle would have a nice, smooth path to the rear tire without slamming into the linkage. Something to note is that it is plastic and not metal. This is good and bad; the good is that things slide better on plastic, it is lightweight, and relatively cheap so replacement wouldn’t be too burdensome. The bad is that plastic is weaker than metal and when a rock or log does come into contact with the guard, the guard will still impact the linkage.

POD K4 Premium Knee Brace: $549.95

POD K4 Knee Brace
www.podactive.comPhoto By Sean Klinger

POD has been offering their version of the Knee brace for a while now. The defining characteristic of these knee protectors is the “ligament” system employed to control the knee movement. Inside the hinges of the brace are small strips of rubbery material that mimic the knee’s real ligaments, two per brace, one on each side. There are also inserts to limit the movement of the brace even more to tailor the range of motion to your specific needs and/or preferences. The K4’s frame is a polymer material but if you want an even lighter brace, there is the K8 which is a carbon fiber based brace. The K4 comes XS/S, M/L, and XL/XXL.

JGRMX Yamaha Carbon Fiber Exhaust Heat Shields: $99.95

JGRMX Carbon Fiber Exhaust Shields
www.jgrmx.comPhoto By Sean Klinger

An easy way of saving weight on your machine is to swap metal things with carbon fiber things. One example is this set of two carbon fiber exhaust guards from JGRMX. We know that it isn’t a ton of weight saved but every little bit helps. Plus, who doesn’t like carbon fiber? This is a performance upgrade as well as a cosmetic one. And they are made right here in the USA out of 100 percent carbon fiber unlike some other products that have a thin veneer of carbon, but are primarily something else. As far as downsides go, there aren’t any really, except perhaps the price since the stock guards are included with the purchase of your YZ-F.