Don’t Let Your Next Ride Fly Off The Chain

Quick Tip: Spare master link

Add a spare master link between the push/pull throttle cables so you have it handy in case you need it.Ricky Yorks

This article was originally published in the November 2017 issue of Dirt Rider.

When out trail or adventure riding, it’s always important to pack a few spare parts and tools, just in case you need to fix something that could leave you pushing your bike back to camp. Losing a seat bolt won’t leave you stranded, but a broken or lost chain master link will surely slow your day to a crawl. I like to add a master link between my push/pull throttle cables. It takes up virtually zero space, the width of the two cables will keep it from bouncing around, and it’s easy to grab if ever needed. Just make sure you have a little flat-head screwdriver to help get the clip on and off.