Dirt Rider / KLIM 626 Adventure: Episode 1

Riding 600 miles in two consecutive days across dirt roads, two-track, and highways sounds like the job for a big, modern, comfy adventure bike, since they have the enough displacement, enough suspension, and the conveniences to make 300-mile days in the saddle easy-peasy.

While we did ride 600 miles in two days covering a wide swath of Idaho from the Tetons to the Sawtooths, we didn’t do it on adventure bikes. We did it on $600 dollar Craig’s List bikes. The rules of this journey was that we had the aforementioned monetary limit, the bikes had to be pre-1980, and street legal. All the other particulars were in our hands. Here is the first installment of our state-crossing expedition and check out the Dec/Jan. for the print story, on newsstands now.