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Dirt Bike Tests and Reviews

Dirt Rider is the premier testing source for all things two wheels. Our in-depth evaluations and extensive shootouts showcase two-stroke and four-stroke motocross, off-road, adventure, trials, and mini bike tests featuring all of the major brands: Honda, Husqvarna, Kawasaki, KTM, Suzuki, and Yamaha, along with exotic motorcycle brands such as Beta, Christini, Gas Gas, Husaberg, Sherco, and more. We are also pleased to bring you tests of the electric dirt bikes from Alta, KTM, OSET, Quantya, Zero

New tests

  • 2017 honda crf250r

    We modify the CRF250R for our Long Haul Update

    What happens when you put a KTM throttle body and the Yamaha’s KYB SSS fork on the 2017 CRF250R? Does it make it an unbeatable 250F? We find out.
  • Beta’s 300cc off-road bike designed for the casual off-roader

    Beta claims its 300 RR is for the casual off-roader, but 300cc of two-stroke power is ready for plenty of serious fun.
  • More time on the small-bore green machine

    Intermediate-level motocross rider Michael Wicker talks about riding the 2018 Kawasaki KX250F in stock form in this Long Haul update.
  • How the CRF450R is holding up at 31 hours

    Former AMA pro Steve Boniface talks about how his Long Haul 2018 Honda CRF450R is doing at 31 hours of run time.

Video Review

Adventure Bike Tests

  • Well, not you, but Mike Lafferty sure can

    Off-road all-star Mike Lafferty is neither a glutton for punishment nor just plain crazy. He just wants to show ADV guys what their bikes are really capable of.
  • Price reductions across all models

    Alta Motors releases new lower pricing for its three models, the Redshift MX, Redshift EX, and Redshift SM.

Motocross Bike Tests

  • Four updates to Honda’s flagship motocrosser for 2018

    The fifth generation of Honda’s flagship motocrosser, this year’s CRF450R receives a number of minor revisions. Three trackdays and nine test riders wring it out.
  • Torquey, plush, and stable

    We pit all six 250F motocross bikes against each other to see which reigns supreme in this extremely competitive class.

Off-Road Tests

  • Weapons in the woods

    Come ride some dirt bikes in France with us… You don’t even have to pack! We ride the full lineup of Sherco’s 2018 Enduro models.
  • 2017 yamaha yz250fx

    A moment of glory: Taking on Last Dog Standing aboard our Long Haul YZ250FX

    The 2017 YZ250FX has tons of torque and is super easy to ride—a very desirable trait to have while competing in an extreme enduro. Did we mention electric start?
  • How good is Yamaha’s all-new 450 motocrosser?

    The 2018 YZ450F is all-new: new frame; new power personality; electric start; slimmer bodywork; engine mapping that can be adjusted with a smartphone via Wi-Fi.
  • 2017 yamaha yz250fx

    Living with the YZ250FX off-road bike

    See how we were getting along with our Yamaha YZ250FX at 33 hours into our time with it.