Didn't Get Enough Six Days?

A look back at last weekend's historic ISDE

In case you slept through it, American riders made history by winning the 91st running of the International Six Days Enduro in Navarra, Spain, topping the World Trophy Division for the first time ever. The US Junior Team was a superb second in class, while the US Women's Team finished fourth despite losing team rider Rachel Gutish to a mechanical problem. Here's a look back through photos.

Kailub Russell, ISDE Spain 2016

Kailub Russell, 2016 ISDE Spain

Kailub Russell takes him bike out of impound on the final day of Six Days.Photo By Shan Moore
Fred Hoess, ISDE Spain 2016
Fred Hoess took top honors in the 1986+ Vintage class on the very same bike he rode as a factory rider back in 1985.Photo By Shan Moore
Trevor Bollinger, ISDE Spain 2016
US Junior Trophy Team member Trevor Bollinger prepares to clean his chain during the 15-minute work period at the end of Day Five.Photo By Shan Moore
Jesper Borjesson, ISDE Spain 2016
Swedish Junior Trophy Team member Jesper Borjesson, who rode the Georgia Full Gas Sprint Enduro this summer, heads into an off-camber turn in front of the paddock area, which was located at a road race facility.Photo By Shan Moore
Grant Baylor, Spain ISDE 2016
Grant Baylor leaps over a ditch near the end of the Cross Test on Day four. Grant and teammates Steward Baylor and Trevor Bollinger were second in the Junior Trophy Team division.Photo By Shan Moore
2016 Spain ISDE
As is customary, this year's ISDE sent riders through many of the small villages during their transfers from test to test.Photo By Shan Moore
Trevor Bollinger, ISDE Spain 2016
Trevor Bollinger noses down after a small double jump in Day One's Cross Test.Photo By Shan Moore
Thad DuVall, ISDE 2016
Thad DuVall rode the E3 class for the US World Trophy Team on a Husqvarna 300 two-stroke. The West Virginia rider normally races a 350 four-stroke.Photo By Shan Moore
ISDE Spain 2016
Six Days always brings out the super fans.Photo By Shan Moore
Layne Michael ISDE 2016
Layne Michael sports a "dust beard" as he prepares to change rear tires during Wednesday's end-of-day work period.Photo By Shan Moore
ISDE Spain 2016
Hundreds of tires get changed during the course of the six day event.Photo By Shan Moore
Jamie McCanney, ISDE Spain 2016
Jamie McCanney was Great Britain's top performer in the World Trophy division.Photo By Shan Moore
ISDE Spain 2016
Ever see a Peugeot dirt bike? Here's ore of the entries in the Vintage event.Photo By Shan Moore
Taylor Robert, ISDE Spain 2016
Taylor Robert celebrates his individual win with a champaign spray of the crowd.Photo By Shan Moore
Team USA, Spain ISDE 2016
The ISDE podium was a very patriotic experience.Photo By Shan Moore
ISDE Spain 2016
The obligatory burnout after the historic win.Photo By Shan Moore