Diamond Don's Vintage Motocross National | Day 1 | PHOTOS

Jefferson, Texas hosted the AHRMA National featuring various vintage bikes racing it out at the 15th annual event

Two weekends ago, in Jefferson, Texas, was the 15th annual Diamond Don’s Vintage Motocross National. Approximately 900 racers came from all over the world to compete on the various formats. Thursday hosted a trials riding championship, Friday was a cross country competition and the weekend was the vintage and post vintage MX portion. Diamond Don’s is an RV park most of the year and only allows dirt bikes for one week annually. Like the race courses of old, the grass course is roped off a day before the race, and nothing is man made. Not unlike event itself, Jefferson is packed full of history. On the very same property as the race lay the ruins of one of the first Texas sawmills. A few motocross legends were spotted here over weekend like Brad Lackey, Broc Glover. Guy Cooper and Trampas Parker were not only in attendance, but also competed. Saturday was also the “100cc Battle of the Bayou” championship for 100cc bikes expert and intermediate. Here are some images from the racing on Saturday.

Maybe you remember Terry Tinney's YZ100 and YZ125 rebuild project we covered in October? Well, The YZ100 finally got to stretch its legs. Taylor Carruthers piloted it in the 100cc Expert class and finished 3rd overall. Here is a link to a gallery of the bike on our site.Photography by Jacob Souder
Guy Cooper is still going fast. What he can still do on vintage or modern motorcycle wows us every time. Cooper Finished 2nd in the 100 championship and won Vintage 50+ Expert.Photography by Jacob Souder
All the way from Ireland was Trevor Caldenwood, who finished 2nd in the first moto but a 14th in the second, which gave him 7th overall.Photography by Jacob Souder
Vintage Motocross Nationals also double as an MX swap meet. Try one of these events if you’re having a hard time finding that part for your restoration project.Photography by Jacob Souder
Vintage 50+ Intermediate holeshot led by Robert Hedge. Keith Klump went 1-1 for the championship.Photography by Jacob Souder
Ricky Parker finished 1-1 and took the overall in the Sportsman 250 expert.Photography by Jacob Souder
Tim Borgfield won the 100cc expert (Not the Battle of the Bayou 100cc) by a sizable margin.Photography by Jacob Souder
On a very nice YZ250, Dallas Nyblod finished 4th overall in the Vintage + 50 Expert and 2nd in Sportsman 250 Expert.Photography by Jacob Souder
Owner and promoter of the event, Diamond Don himself was spotted at the gate for the Battle of the Bayou moto 1 start.Photography by Jacob Souder
The mysterious 1989 125MXGP champion Trampas Parker won the Battle of the Bayou. Going 1-1 and besting Guy Cooper.Photography by Jacob Souder
Bob Bean of Osceola, IN took the title in the Vintage 60+ Expert with a 1-1 finish aboard his cherry CZ machine.Photography by Jacob Souder
This is not a joke, there are live caged alligators on the property.Photography by Jacob Souder
It was speculated that speedster Trey Jorski forgot to fuel his bike in the first moto of the sportsman 500 expert resulting in a DNF. The bike had plenty of fuel in the second however because Jorski got out front early and disappeared, winning by a large margin.Photography by Jacob Souder
This was the lead on the 2nd lap for Curt Jaimet from Milton, FL on his YZ125. Jaimet was perfect 1-1 and took the championship.Photography by Jacob Souder
Second moto holeshot for the Battle of the Bayou 100cc championship.Photography by Jacob Souder
Legends Trampas Parker and Guy Cooper celebrate a hard fought second moto in the 100cc championship.Photography by Jacob Souder