Dango Designs Gripper Mount Full-Face Helmet Chin Mount For GoPro Review

This POV camera mount will make your footage look more compelling

Dango Designs Gripper Mount
Dango Designs Gripper MountSpenser Robert

This article was originally featured in the August 2017 print edition of Dirt Rider

Take your pick: too much helmet visor, too much sky, too much handlebar. These are usually the choices you have when it comes to setting up a POV camera for your ride. And no matter which route you choose, the footage almost never looks as interesting or as fast as you remember it. Well, say hello to the Gripper Mount from Dango Designs. Unfortunately, it won't actually make you faster, but it'll make your footage look far more compelling than any of those other options allow.

The Gripper works in such a simple, straightforward manner that it’s almost insulting to put the steps down in writing. Just mount your camera to the clip, clip the mount to your chin bar, and you’re done. In our experience, the Gripper works on almost every moto helmet out there, and it has never once slipped off or shifted out of place. We have noticed that it doesn’t work as well for streetbike helmets, with their rounded chin bars and obtrusive chin skirts, but if you’re just planning to use it on your dirt lid, then you shouldn’t have any issues.

As far as cameras are concerned, the standard Gripper is compatible with the ubiquitous GoPro mounting system. We love using GoPro’s Session attached to the Gripper because of just how light and compact the whole setup is. But for an extra $8, Dango also offers a Gripper with a 1/4-inch screw that’ll attach to almost any other camera. Just keep in mind that adding weight to the front of your helmet, even when it’s as small as a GoPro, can make the helmet feel a bit heavier. So we don’t recommend anyone busting out their old video cameras and trying to strap them along for the ride.

We should note that Dango has some competition in this market. A couple of years ago, we actually tested a similar contraption called the SoPro Mount and were extremely enthusiastic about the fresh perspective that setup allowed. The Gripper is more expensive ($49.99 versus $39.95), but in our opinion the versatility and durability of the Gripper make it well worth the extra cost.

In either case, we highly recommend picking up one of these camera mounts. It's time to ditch the sticky mounts and finally record some footage that looks as fast as you feel. —Spenser Robert

Rated 96
Installation 10/10
Function 50/50
Durability 9/10
Design 19/20
Price 8/10