Counting Down to the 2016 Red Bull Romaniacs

Watch out for these riders who will bring on the action!

With the Erzberg Rodeo out of the way and less than six weeks to go till launch, all eyes are now on the Red Bull Romaniacs. Participants will be happy to use the in-between time to recover from their latest adventures and put final touches to their preparations for the trip into the Romanian wilderness. However, those who are only just starting to prepare, will be in for some sweating and might not see the finish. The 2016 Red Bull Romaniacs will most certainly not be a walk in the park. Here are the facts:

The Riders to Watch:
In the Gold class, Letti Junior had his first taste of the Red Bull Romaniacs last year. He showed good performance, but did not finish due to an injury. "Junior" has a good chance to end up among the 2016 top ten, especially since Letti Senior will be dedicated to coaching only and not competing while in Romania this year. Among the many Gold class newbies, we will also keep an eye on Red Bull Romaniacs newcomer Billy Bolt, who is considered one of the most promising new entries of Extreme Enduro. Billy Bolt comes prepared by Jonny Walker's manager Julian Stevens.

The Spaniards to Watch:
Mario Roman has quite a name in Extreme Enduro but no experience at the Red Bull Romaniacs. The two Leon brothers—trial legends and also Red Bull Romaniacs newcomers—and of course Alfredo Gomez, who is already considered one of the "top guns" and a candidate for the podium—especially after his Red Bull Minas Riders-win earlier this year and a Red Bull Romaniacs podium in 2013 and 2015.

The UK Riders to Watch: Last but not least, there is the Armada from the UK, lead by Walker, Jarvis, and Bolton. The riders from the UK are by far the largest number of participants, a clear sign which nation has the most interest in Extreme Enduro—as well as some of the best riders! Walker, Jarvis, and Bolton are the usual suspects for the podium, but everything is open during the Red Bull Romaniacs until the last minute at the Sibiu hillclimb finish. For Walker, who was unable to attend Red Bull Minas Riders and Erzberg Rodeo, the Red Bull Romaniacs will be the first race after his injury. Jarvis missed the "crown" only by a heartbeat in 2015 and comes prepared: He is still considered the "King of the Carpathians"!

Other noteworthy entries from the UK are the trial legends and brothers Hemingway (Gold class) and Andy Noakley, who will try to mix up the Silver class this year!

South African Kirsten Landman will give it another try in Silver class: she didn't finish in 2015—but if she manages to this year, she will be the first woman ever to finish the Red Bull Romaniacs Silver class! Her fellow countryman Wade Young, who finished the Gold class third in 2014 and fifth in 2015, is another hot candidate for the podium. Red Bull Romaniacs legend Chris Birch will not race. Lorenzo Quinn, an Italian sculptor and Anthony Quinn's fifth son, will compete in the Bronze class. The “wisest” rider will be John Trevor from the UK, age 69, in the Iron class.

Info about the Prologue and the Race-track:
Like in previous years, the rallye will kick off with an inner city prologue in the center of Sibiu. The track will again be a full loop on one of Sibiu's main boulevards along the historic city wall. Sections with names like "Alcatraz", "Jarvis's Masterpiece", and "Mad Max" will induce some horror into the less experienced riders on first look, but will actually all be somewhat rideable for everyone. For the "top guns" of course, it will be nothing but bumps on a motocross track!

Out there, on the four day Offroad-track, things will get gnarly though. The Gold-class, featuring one of the strongest line-ups ever, is in for some serious trouble. Since the skill level of the top riders is improving every year, the bar has been raised higher. The sections will not be harder than in previous years—but they are coming in higher numbers and frequency. For example Offroad Day 2 (Gold class) will be one of the toughest riding days in the history of the Red Bull Romaniacs—fitness will count! The Silver class will be hit by the same hard style as in the previous years, but with fewer sections—to allow a moderate number of riders to finish.

The Bronze class tracks went through a face lift and will be a harder than in previous years. The challenges will still be rideable for most competitors: A lot of super single trails, long hill climbs and deep canyon crossings. For the Iron class, riding will be similar to 2015: doable but hard enough to make less motivated riders realize that after all this is the Red Bull Romaniacs!

For all classes the total length of the race track will be higher than in previous years and the riders of the different classes will be more separated during the day. The covered terrain and the sections are fine-tuned for each class and adjusted to the expected skill level of the riders. The team around track directors Klaus Sorensen and Teo Isac tapped into a completely new region for Offroad Day 4 with fresh and untouched tracks. There, the Iron and Bronze class will be happy to ride fast tracks until the service point. The Gold class will face the most difficult uphill during the 2016 race.

The 2016 Red Bull Romaniacs will, again, be 100 percent based in Sibiu. There will be no out-of-town overnight bivouacs. Spectators and media will enjoy much better access to the action and can constantly stay up to date via smartphone app. The spectator points will be released in early July on

Red Bull Romaniacs, Sibiu, Romania, Off Road
Keep an eye out for the riders who will take on this year's Red Bull Romaniac on July 12-16.Photo Courtesy of Red Bull Romaniacs

Track Details:
Offroad day 1 - Olt Valley - Lotru Valley - Olt Valley
Offroad day 2 - Sibiu - Paltinis - Sibiu
Offroad day 3 - Olt Valley area
Offroad day 4 - Sibiu - Jina - Sibiu

Gold class:
Expected finishers 60-70%, Estimated daily ''fastest competitor ride time'': 6 hours
Offroad day 1 - 169km
Offroad day 2 - 133km
Offroad day 3 - 181km
Offroad day 4 - 171km
Total - 654km

Silver class:
Expected finishers 65-75%, Estimated daily ''fastest competitor ride time'': 5 hours
Offroad day 1 - 130km
Offroad day 2 - 132km
Offroad day 3 - 161km
Offroad day 4 - 166km
Total - 589km

Bronze class:
Expected finishers 70-80%, Estimated daily ''fastest competitor ride time'': 5 hours
Offroad day 1 - 128km
Offroad day 2 - 122km
Offroad day 3 - 138km
Offroad day 4 - 137km
Total - 525km

Iron class:
Expected finishers 80-90%, Estimated daily ''fastest competitor ride time'': 4.5 Hours
Offroad day 1 - 112km
Offroad day 2 - 100km
Offroad day 3 - 116km
Offroad day 4 - 126km
Total - 454km