Countdown to EnduroCross: Interview with Team SRT's Trystan Hart

Team SRT's Trystan Hart talks about why he missed the first round of EnduroCross last year, training in Arizona and California during the off-season, and his most memorable EnduroCross race.

Trystan Hart, 2016 Everett EnduroCross
Team SRT's Trystan Hart is a relatively new face to the EnduroCross series, but he's already achieved some notable results.Photo by Adam Booth

Team SRT’s Trystan Hart is a relatively new face in the EnduroCross series. The Canadian rider finished the 2015 season in 17th overall and improved to 9th overall last season despite missing the first round. Hart’s racing endeavors span beyond the stadiums as he won the Canadian Cross Country Championship (CXCC) last year and took the victory in the Pro class at round four of the Kenda/SRT AMA West Hare Scrambles Regional Championship Series this past April. We spoke with Hart to see how he’s progressed so quickly in EnduroCross and what his plans are for the 2017 season.

Trystan Hart, EnduroCross
Hart hails from Canada, but he spent about two months in Arizona and California this past winter to ride and train.Photo by Adam Booth

Your results noticeably improved from 2015 to 2016. What would you attribute that to? "To be honest, I got more focused and started working harder. I wanted the Junior championship and I started working twice as hard as I did the year before."

You missed the first round of EnduroCross last season. What caused you to miss it? "There was a Canadian series that I follow and I did that round instead of the EnduroCross. I should've gone to the EnduroCross, but oh well, live and learn."

Trystan Hart, EnduroCross
Hart is aiming for podiums in 2017.Photo by Adam Booth

Being that you live in Canada, what is your travel schedule like between EnduroCross rounds? Do you stay in the United States or travel back home in between? "When they are back-to-back, in the previous years I stayed down for a week in places like Moab, but this year the rounds were a couple weeks apart, so I'm not too sure what we'll be doing. I'll probably stay down in the States for a while, in between a couple rounds at least."

What have you been up to during the off-season and who have you been training with? "This year has been a little different for me. I stayed in Arizona and California for about two months. It was cool to ride during the wintertime because there is so much snow back home in Canada. That was good. I rode with pretty much everyone in the top ten in EnduroCross. I got to ride with Colton [Haaker], Cody [Webb], Max [Gerston], and Kyle [Redmond]. That was really cool. It was an eye-opener to see how they train and ride. All in all, that was a big help. I've brought that back to Canada and am trying to do my own thing with it."

Trystan Hart, EnduroCross
If Hart could change one thing about EnduroCross, he would make the main events 20 minutes long.Photo by Drew Ruiz

Your brother Wyatt races EnduroCross as well. What's it like having a family member on the track with you? "It's cool. We race each other pretty clean. It's nice to have an ally out there. We help each other out once in awhile and it's cool to have that. Not many people get that opportunity on a racetrack."

Where have you set your goals for the 2017 EnduroCross season? "I want a couple of podiums, for sure. That would be awesome. I'd like to contend for the Junior championship and hopefully win it. I'd like to be consistent this year. Last year, pretty much everyone except for Colton [Haaker] and Cody [Webb] were all over the map for at least a couple rounds. To be in the top five or top six consistently would be really good. I would be really happy with that."

Trystan Hart, EnduroCross
Hart has been riding and training harder than ever before in preparation for the 2017 season.Photo by Adam Booth

The EnduroCross tracks have become progressively more jumpy over the years. Do you like that or would you prefer the tracks to be more technical? "I like jumping. I like it when there's not any crazy jumps like there are sometimes. I don't like to go around [the track] and be thinking about one jump and think, 'Am I going to make it this lap?' I like jumping and I like riding motocross, but I also like the technical stuff, too. I really enjoy pretty much every type of dirt bike discipline."

Have you done anything differently to prepare for this season than in the past? If so, what? "Yeah, I've been working even harder. I've been riding and training 24/7, so I'm in really good shape now. Hopefully it will pay off this year."

Trystan Hart, EnduroCross
Starts and early race intensity are the two most difficult parts of EnduroCross for Hart.Photo by Adam Booth

What is your favorite EnduroCross obstacle? "That's a tough question, I don't think I've been asked that before. I would say the rocks. The rocks are something I can ride a million times and never get bored because I feel like I can always improve in them. There are so many different variations of line selection you can do. I can ride my rocks a thousand times and I can just keep going. It's good practice."

What is your most memorable race? "The last three years in Boise have been good to me. I made my first main event there in 2014 and finished 10th. Last year, I finished fourth, which is my best finish. I was chasing Kyle Redmond for third, too. That round just feels good for me. It's one of the closest to Canda, so it's like my hometown race."

What is the most difficult part of EnduroCross for you? "Probably the starts and early race intensity. That's just not my thing. I can't get intense right off the bat and go run out there and try to gun everyone down. Ryan Dungey is my idol and that's something he's always struggled with up until these last couple of years. I'm like the old Dungey [laughs]."

If there was one thing you could change about EnduroCross, what would it be? "I would make the main events 20 minutes long. I always seem to do better at the end of the motos. I think making the main events longer would benefit me."